A word of advice

The Netherlands have seen an increase in dart-related accidents since a Dutchman won the World Darts Tournament.

Blue Crab Boulevard is here to help with Gaius’ handy dart tips (pun intended).

1. Sharp end goes AWAY from the player. Those little thingies on the back of the darts, called flights, should help you locate the correct end.

2. If you cannot locate the sharp end, you should consider taking up another sport. At once.

3. Allow other players to retrieve their darts and return to a safe location before you throw your darts. Unless the other player was a jerk and didn’t buy a round of drinks.

4. There are NO goalies in darts. Don’t fall for that one, newbies.

5. Darts are quite light. One does not need a major league baseball wind-up to throw. If the dart rebounds and the sharp end gets you, you threw too hard.

6. If the sharp end is coming towards you, duck.

7. It is considered bad manners to stick other players with the sharp ends. See exception in number 3 (above).

8. Remember to buy the requisite number of drinks. Or expect the exception noted in number 3 (above) will likely happen to you.

9. If a player has an entourage, a huge dart case and a world dart championship jacket, do not play for money.

10. If another player hits you with the sharp end, consider the appropriate response. About .45 caliber is right.

Everyone be safe out there!

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2 Responses to A word of advice

  1. Nightcrawler says:

    I could’ve used those rules on my last outing with my stepfather! He is a great dart thrower.

    That was fun!

  2. Gaius Arbo says:

    I learned to play darts years back when Guiness was sponsoring in-bar tournaments. I have a few mugs from winning. Haven’t played in a while, though.

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