Dubai port deal

I try not to jump right away on a lot of stories. Partially, this is mistrust of a lot of the sources these days, partly it’s some kind of sixth sense that something is wrong with the story I’m hearing. I can’t really explain what triggers this, but it does happen.

So, that’s the long version on why I haven’t posted on the takeover of the P&O company by a company based in Dubai.

Rather than rehash what a lot of other people have started to realize – that this may very well be a political spin meme – I send anyone interested over to Mike’s America for his take on it.

I’m not really happy with the way the Administration handled this one, they could have really stuffed Schumer and company if they had done this right.

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2 Responses to Dubai port deal

  1. Nightcrawler says:

    I took the same route on the Dubai subject… linked to Mike!

  2. Gaius Arbo says:

    Heh – I think he summed it up pretty well. Why go over the same ground!

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