Throw Flag On This One.

The ‘Bull$hit’ flag.

A poll of immigrants shows the majority have growing fears over the tone of the immigration debate, says the AP. We’re told with a straight face that this poll denies the allegations that legal immigrants oppose illegal immigration.

Get this:

"The poll was conducted by the firm Bendixen & Associates between Feb. 24 and March 21. Researchers said they interviewed 800 legal immigrants in 47 states who were reached by random digit dialing in communities with large numbers of immigrants. The margin of error was plus or minus 3.4 percentage points".

They used a random dialing program and reached a 100% legal immigrant sample. I see.

So, someone calls you up, identifies themselves as a pollster then asks if you are in the country legally. Let’s just say I was an illegal and some unidentified person claiming to be a pollster calls and asks if I’m in the country legally. How freaking stupid would I be to tell them I was an illegal?

This is easily the worst polling methodology I have ever heard of. This poll is total garbage.

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