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Somehow it seems fitting to parody Harry Belafonti's song in this context.

The invaluable Penraker has launch the latest in a series of electronic RPGs at the outright hypocrisy that is so evident at Yale today. Yale is so tolerant and forgiving of the former Taliban propaganda minister, saying he was so very young (cue Cat "Kill Rushdie" Stevens). It is so nice that they are so very open minded and understanding, isn't it? Hell, Hashemi doesn't even have to apologize for his actions, the poor, misguided youth. Yale shall make room for him and give him a fine, Western education!

Unless you are guilty of using the word "nigs" in a personal notebook when you were seventeen years old. Then the full weight and fury of the student body shall be unleashed upon you. It doesn't matter if you apologize over and over again, either.

Seventeen year-old Kiwi Camara uses the word "nigs" to refer to African Americans as a prodigal Harvard law student. He later apologizes, and denies that he harbors ill feelings towards African Americans. Several years later, editors at the Yale Law Journal, unaware of his controversial past, offer to publish an article he wrote in a symposium issue, and later invite him to speak at the relevant symposium. When the "community" discovers Camara's past, all hell breaks loose at Yale, with outraged students arguing that a moral reprobate like Camara should not be allowed to publish in the hallowed Journal, much less speak in Yale's hallowed halls. Camara apologizes again, unequivocally. (See previous VC coverage by Eugene here.) Nevertheless, mass meetings, protests, etc. ensue, culminating last Friday when 1/3 of the symposium audience walked out on Camara's talk.

Stunning, isn't it?

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