We here at Blue Crab Boulevard, being vocal proponents of High Journalistic Standards™ are always ready to help a struggling, second rate hack newspaper in it’s attempts to smear a Justice of the US Supreme Court. Our super-secret magic 8-ball photographer (sadly now unemployed) has obtained indisputable photographic proof that an obscene gesture WAS, in fact used. You saw it here first!

You can thank us later, Boston Herald editors! We expect full credit for finally providing the proof you so desperately needed! And you didn’t even need to find an actor to quote! (Original photo ©Boston Herald, used for parody purposes.)

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2 Responses to EXTRA! EXTRA!

  1. NASTY!

    I forgot what the original question to Scalia was by the Reporter that inspired his gesture.

    Scalia is GREAT!

    Did you see his speech to the American Enterprise Institute a while back?


    I took an audio clip from that event and it is one of my favorites:


  2. Gauis Arbo says:

    It’s the worst photoshop ever – on purpose, I might add…..

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