Missing The Point

It seems that some people in the entertainment industry want to shorten the time between the theatrical release of a movie and when a DVD is released. Robert Iger, the head of Disney, has gone so far as to call for release of DVDs while movies are still playing in the theaters.

The reason they want to do this? To combat piracy and because revenues are falling.

Theater owners are not at all happy with these proposals.

Blue Crab Boulevard has a sure-fire way to increase revenues in the entertainment industry: Try making movies that people want to see. Stop making thinly-veiled leftist propaganda that automatically costs you 50% of your potential audience. Try using entertainment to entertain instead of to provide vanity-driven political soapboxes for some of your Hollywood insiders.

Just a thought.

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4 Responses to Missing The Point

  1. Black Jack says:

    Alas, you cast pearls before swine.

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