Signs Of The Pending Collapse

Of Europe:

In Germany, police have been deployed to a school in Berlin to help control "ethnic Arabs" who have become a majority and are now "bullying" non- Arab students. The "bullying" includes the use of knives and other weapons. (Note to the PC crowd, the use of knives and other weapons does not constitute bullying. It constitutes attempted murder. This is happening in the capital of Germany).

In Sweden, the "discrimination ombudsman" in congratulating himself for his ground-breaking conviction of a dastardly criminal. Who, you ask? Why, a kennel owner who decided not to sell a dog to a woman after finding out the potential customer was a lesbian.

"This is an important verdict," said Hans Ytterberg, who heads the ombudsman’s office. "It is important that these incidents are tried in court."

Good God.

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3 Responses to Signs Of The Pending Collapse

  1. Tom says:

    And the Liberals want the United States to be more like Europe? Oh, please…

  2. Gauis Arbo says:

    Yeah, that’s what’s really stupid – they can see with their own eyes that it does not work.

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