“This right here beats everything I have ever seen”

Said Haywood County (North Carolina) Sheriff Tom Alexander upon announcing the arrest of three men charged with performing illegal castrations on men who traveled from as far away as South America. The victims were all willing participants and came to the sadomasochistic dungeon the three men operated in Western North Carolina.

"The men met through a Web site produced in North Carolina that published photographs of men engaging in sadomasochistic behavior at a house in Waynesville. Investigators found DVD recordings of the castrations during a search of the house Wednesday, authorities said".

Blue Crab Boulevard, always the voice of reason in a cacophony of irrational thought, suggests that the men may have actually been performing a valuable public service. I mean, hey, there are at least six loons who will not be able to breed.

Isn’t that a good thing?

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2 Responses to “This right here beats everything I have ever seen”

  1. Black Jack says:

    Have you no appreciation for the prices such discarded parts can bring in the world’s markets? Courage and virility are in short supply in some places and girlie boys there will pony up big bucks for the chance to acquire manly virtue. Why, what you see here is nothing less than the physical expression of “from each to each” albeit it with a southern accent.

  2. Gauis Arbo says:

    Sounds like they missed an alternative revenue stream, then!

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