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Untitled document One – the "Day Without Immigrants" will not produce even a fraction of the economic impact the agitators say it will. Two – The " Day Without Immigrants" will produce a mammoth backlash. Let's see how I do … Continue reading

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Da Winnah!

Untitled document Cyprus, home of gigantic lemons, huge bonfires, many moons and oddly well fertilized wheat, now has yet another thing to throw it's collective chest out about! It is now the proud holder of the new world record on … Continue reading

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Now THAT’S A Paperweight

Untitled document A Chinese businessman has bought an interesting and unusual paperweight for his office. Purchased on eBay, the new addition to the decor around the old office is awaiting Chinese Government approval before it can be brought into the … Continue reading

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Hockey Puck

Untitled document I never really liked Don Rickles. While he could be funny at times, especially in very short, small doses, in the end he always seemed somehow just plain mean. A small, nasty man using insults to get laughs. … Continue reading

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Dissent Through Fraud

Untitled document You know it's an awesome day in the blogosphere when Steyn hits two home runs. In the Sun Times, Steyn nails the use of a quote falsely attributed to Thomas Jefferson. It's one that is being used repeatedly … Continue reading

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Burqa King

Untitled document I'm in awe of Mark Steyn's ability. He comes out with some of the most penetrating commentary I have ever read. Today he has a piece out reviewing Oriana Fallaci on the fall of Europe. It's well worth … Continue reading

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The Politics Of Envy

Untitled document Gagdad Bob over at One Cosmos has an absolutely brilliant analysis of what drives the left: envy. Riffing off the left's attacks on Flight 93, he really gets to the heart of it. According to Webster's, envy is … Continue reading

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What Forest?

Untitled document I always liked George Schultz when he served as Ronald Reagan's Chief of Staff Secretary of State. He always came across as level headed and honest. The Opinion Journal has a nice piece about him. In it he … Continue reading

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Fran O’Brien’s

Untitled document Fuzzilicious Thinking has a long post up about the Hilton and what it has done. I continue to believe Hilton has, and will continue, to suffer a PR problem because of this. Worst of all, the wounded have … Continue reading

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Vote For McCain! And Shut Up!

Untitled document Anyone who's read this blog for even short while knows that one thing I am an absolutist on is the first amendment. It is the cornerstone of what America is. It is the one part of the constitution that … Continue reading

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Well, This Is Depressing

Untitled document Donald Sensing has a couple of post up, both at his One hand Clapping site and at Winds of Change that discuss his views on blogging and where it is heading. Frankly, the post paint a depressing picture, … Continue reading

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Moral Courage

Untitled document And the lack thereof. Reader IAm at Done with Mirrors has a post up about the neighbors in Hirsi Ali's apartment building using Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights to sue to have her evicted. … Continue reading

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Untitled document Well, the effort to unseat Joe Lieberman continues. Not by a person from the other party. People in Lieberman's own party are trying to replace him. Led by Screamin' Howie Dean's own brother, no less. Here's a great … Continue reading

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A Scary, Scary Picture

Untitled document Michael Totten is a really talented writer, he can make you see the pictures his words convey. Which is one reason this story about his trip to the Lebanese border, from both sides is so frightening. “Do you … Continue reading

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Stealing From The Dead

Untitled document This story will make you furious. A Colorado mayor/funeral home director who received money accidentally after the death of a Marine has refused to return the money. Even after a court ruled he had no right to the … Continue reading

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