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Interview With One Of The Troops

Untitled document Untitled document The Real Ugly American has an interview with a milblogger I had not read before today, Buck Sargeant. Read the whole thing (it’s fairly long) and see if you really believe what the media tries to … Continue reading

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Is There ANY doubt who’s Side the Media Is On?

Untitled document Untitled document This is, without any doubt, the most loathsome example of media bias I have ever seen – or even heard of. Gateway Pundit has this up on his blog. I am so mad right now, I … Continue reading

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Update to A Letter From Kuwait

A Commenter on the earlier post A letter From Kuwait  wrote, "If you tell me why you (b)elieve what you said, then I can evaluate whether or not I should believe it as well." Sarge did read that and posted … Continue reading

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Nail Yale

Untitled document Untitled document Clint Taylor over at Nail Yale sent this link along and asked me to post it.  As he puts it:  These are the addresses of the Yale Corporation, and I want to up the ante and start … Continue reading

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I swear I Am NOT Making This Up

According to an AP headline today: Politics, penguins and natural disasters boost the appeal of documentaries. So says Robert Redford. "Audiences are really looking for more in-depth examinations of subjects that affect their lives," distinguished actor, director and producer Robert … Continue reading

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First Baby Gorilla Born In Sweden

Untitled document Although Sweden's Kolmarden zoo has housed gorillas for more than forty years, none have ever given birth before. That all changed when Naomi, one of the zoo's gorillas, gave birth Saturday. Isn't that cute? The baby's gender is … Continue reading

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Moussaoui Found Eligible for Death Penalty

A jury has decided that Moussaoui can be executed. The judge still has to pass that sentence, though. Tweet

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Yale President Levin Responds to Latest John Fund Article

Exclusive to Blue Crab Boulevard: Our intrepid photographer was able to catch this shot of Richard Levin, president of Yale along with two other Yale officials. Although not identified, they are believed to be the Director of Admissions and the … Continue reading

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Sweden Has Ombudsmen

With entirely too much time on their hands. Sweden’s Ombudsman for Gender Equality (no, really) has called for the Swedish National World Cup team to boycott the tournament. He wants to protest against a feared rise in forced prostitution. Some … Continue reading

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And Speaking Of Questionable Studies

Well, I can’t access the actual study which is in the April issue of Pediatrics (sorry folks, Blue Crab Boulevard isn’t rich, you know). But the MSM report appears here. Does exposure to media cause kids to engage in sexual … Continue reading

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Live Longer!

Go to church! Well this ought to get the left-wing anti-religion types all up in arms, don’t you think? Actually, studies like this are highly suspect in my mind. But people tend to use them selectively if they support their … Continue reading

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Sixteen Hours?

It took Suffolk Constabulary in Lakenheath, England sixteen hours to respond to the scene of a gang attack on a US airman. Airman 1st Class Chris Flatau was attacked and beaten with a brick outside his rented home when he … Continue reading

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It’s Not ALL Propaganda

Al Jazeera, the Arab news, propaganda and terrorist enabling television station, has apparently decided to liven things up a bit. They have purchased the rights to air 52 episodes of the Welsh children’s television show The Baaas. The pre-school series, … Continue reading

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Told Ya So

Blue Crab Boulevard always tries to give good advice on any subject. (We’re not saying our advice necessarily IS good, just that we TRY.) We gave a bit of advice to Hollywood just a short while ago. When some studio … Continue reading

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Weird Traffic

My little site is being bombarded today with google searches originating out of India. They all appear to be inquiries looking for pictures of wardrobe failures (which I blogged about last Friday). Who knew this would be such a hot … Continue reading

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