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Rudy For Prime Minister!

Untitled document I've always been a bit of an Anglophile. I guess I just loved the very thought of England, the island nation that just could not be brought down. Spain and it's mighty armada, failed. So did Hitler. Hardy … Continue reading

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Gettysburg Politicians Agree To Sell Themselves!

Untitled document Gettysburg borough council members cheerfully agreed to sell themselves to any takers on Monday. Well, that's how I read it. Actually, they voted to accept a $1,000,000 guarantee (read bribe) to allow a casino to be built next to … Continue reading

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New Official Yale Resource!

Untitled document Wandering about the web in search of new and interesting things is one of the many services we here at Blue Crab Boulevard do so well. Today, we found a special new site that, while not actually an … Continue reading

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Well, This Is Really Getting Strange

Untitled document Having never experienced this sort of thing before, I just got off the phone with my hosting company. This weird incoming traffic may (or may not be – not sure yet) a DDOS attack on Blue Crab Boulevard. … Continue reading

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Not Misleading, Lying.

Untitled document This is one of the most blatant lying headlines ever: "Americans in Iraq face deadliest day in months" Read the article and discover that nine servicemen died, while three more are missing. So a total of twelve. Except one … Continue reading

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Can’t You Just Feel The Love?

Untitled document British budget airline Jet2.com has this on it's website: Jet2.com condemns French Strike Action and calls for lazy frogs to get back to work! Thousands of people throughout the country are today cursing the French Air Traffic Control … Continue reading

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Who Spoke These Words?

Untitled document "(I)nstead of telling the truth about Islam and demanding that the Muslim world observes certain standards, you have westerners beating their breasts and saying, 'We can't judge you, we can't expose you, we can't challenge you.' And here … Continue reading

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Ah, Reality. Who Needs It?

Untitled document The Iranians are announcing one major weapons test after another. A couple of super torpedoes within a few days, but now we have the absolute capper: The super, invisible flying boat. In a related story, the Iranian president … Continue reading

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Technology. Ain’t It Great.

Untitled document The fun started last night when all of a sudden fonts and typefaces went wonky on my home computer. So I started trying to check settings in WordPress and the plug ins I have installed. In the process, … Continue reading

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Untitled document Well, Tom Delay has announced his resignation. With all the usual warm and fuzzy statements of respect and support from Republicans and the pro forma denunciations from the Democrats. Does anyone in their right mind doubt that the … Continue reading

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Editing Problems

Untitled document I'm having a slew of problems with my editor plug-in at the moment. All of a sudden there is a large gap between title and body of a post. I just did a re-install, so hopefully it is … Continue reading

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Killer Kites

Untitled document Untitled document Lawmakers in Northwestern Pakistan have approved a ban on kite-flying. While it sounds kind of weird on the surface, it turns out there is a rather good reason. Last year seven people were killed by metal and … Continue reading

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More News From India

Untitled document Untitled document Well, there’s that theme thing again. Today seems to be India in the news. More specifically, Indian Politicians. It seems that the ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party government in the Indian state of Rajasthan has … Continue reading

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Wardrobe Malfunctions And Hit Stats

Untitled document Untitled document Well, the weird traffic I noted yesterday is still hitting my stats counters. Lots of hits from search engines originating mostly out of India looking for "wardrobe malfunctions". I have no idea why this has become … Continue reading

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