Gettysburg Politicians Agree To Sell Themselves!

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Gettysburg borough council members cheerfully agreed to sell themselves to any takers on Monday.

Well, that's how I read it. Actually, they voted to accept a $1,000,000 guarantee (read bribe) to allow a casino to be built next to the hallowed ground sanctified by the blood of men at least 1,000 times better than they are. Men who paid with their lives to free Negro slaves they did not even think of as fellow citizens. Men on the other side who fought, not for slavery, but for what they thought of as their states rights.

Are You Kidding Me?

Blue Crab Boulevard's hard working Magic 8-Ball photographer managed to capture the following photo of unidentified borough council members soliciting "guarantees" (*wink, wink*) from prospective clients bidders.

Was that offensive?


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