It Was Only A Matter Of Time

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Blue Crab Boulevard, always in the forefront of gathering cutting edge news, has brought you vital information on giant fruits in the past. Given the fact that reports of these large chunks of vegetable matter have been coming more frequently of late, it was almost inevitable that some animal would evolve to eat the giant, tasty things.

Reports from Britain indicate that the giant consumer of giant vegetative material has indeed arrived. A rabbit, variously described as "huge", a "brute", "enormous" or "monstrous" has been savaging the gardens of horticulturists in the village of Felton. Although armed men have been trying to shoot the ravenous rodent, he (or she – who can tell?) has so far been able to outwit the pursuers. The really big bunny has been described by witnesses as being the size of a dog. Which is, of course a bit uninformative, since dogs range in size from chihuahua to great dane. Bit of a difference there, don't you think?

Oddly, the reports strongly recall the plot of the Wallace and Gromit film "Curse of the Were-Rabbit" and also is coming in close to Easter. No chance this is a hoax, is there?

Personally, I believe this has already been done, and it was much better with James Stewart as Elwood P. Dowd…..

UPDATE: This is unbelievable! Look at this rabbit! (I can't swear it's not a photoshop even if it is an AFP photo!)

My dog would die of fright if she saw that thing in the yard……

UPDATE: The Real Ugly American is hosting an open weekend linkfest, I thought this might be amusing to share.

And thanks to National Journal for linking this as well. Please do look around if you visit here.

UPDATE: AFP story on the same big bunny here. Corrected photo link to read AFP instead of AP.

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8 Responses to It Was Only A Matter Of Time

  1. Odysseus says:

    Any chance that this is the same killer rabbit that went after Jimmy Carter?

  2. Gauis Arbo says:

    I’m thinking it could be….

  3. Tom says:

    Where’s Harvey when you need him?

  4. Gauis Arbo says:

    Heh, drink more, you’ll find him eventually. That’s what Elwood did…..

  5. Tom says:

    You mean Harvey actually looks like a pink elephant?

    And if this rabbit is in England, I wonder if it’s a relative of the “beast most foul” that was disposed of by the Holy Hand Grenade?

  6. Gauis Arbo says:

    Did you look at that bunny picture I linked. That freaking thing is HUGE.

    Consult the Book Of Armnaments……

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