A New Career!

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(New Haven) After years as a spokesman for the brutal Taliban regime in Afghanistan, Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi successfully talked his way into Yale even though he had only a fourth grade education. Despite his efforts as front man for the murderous, oppressive and theocratic Taliban, he was able to convince the admissions office that he had been an unwilling victim of a takeover of the group by extremist elements. Now Mr. Hashemi has finally discovered his true calling in life as an author. Here he is with his very first self help book. "If I can help even a few more people with my background and training to get into Yale, it will all be worth it," says Mr. Hashemi.

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4 Responses to A New Career!

  1. Gauis Arbo says:

    I’m kind of proud of this one. It actually looks pretty good.

  2. I didn’t know it was photoshop until I saw the other photo.

    You know you are asking for “assignments” now… I have an idea illustrating moonbat thinking with the childs toy round peg, square hole…

  3. Gauis Arbo says:

    Better than I thought then.

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