Hilton Hotels Don’t like American Soldiers

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So, maybe it's time to stop staying at Hilton Hotels. Via The Real Ugly American and Mudville Gazette comes a real " are you f***ing kidding me" moment. A steakhouse in Washington that has offered free meals to wounded vets from Walter Reed every Friday night is being evicted. Liability issues, don't you know. Go read about this outrage.

I will never, ever stay in a Hilton Hotel if this does not change fast. I would guess no member of the armed forces or any veterans will either. Smooth move, Hilton.

UPDATE: Please spread the word, get any and all bloggers who support out troops to post about this and link. Show the folks at Hilton what a real blogstorm looks like.

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7 Responses to Hilton Hotels Don’t like American Soldiers

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  2. John Miska says:

    I know Hal. I know Marty. I know the dinners.
    I know the wounded soldiers. If this happens I will influence all I know to avoid the name Hilton at every opportunity.

  3. Gauis Arbo says:

    Spread the word, John. This must be stopped.

  4. Black Jack says:

    I’m ready to raise hell with the Capitol Hilton, but first I’d like to confirm that the reason the lease is not going to be renewed is because of the free Friday night dinners. If that’s the case, it’s going to get ugly rather quickly. If there’s more to it, we need to know it now.

    I just don’t want to go off halfcocked.

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  6. I have posted about it, contacted Hilton via phone and email…I also got an ex number that gets you straight into the big guys office, but they are blowing us off for now. This will not stand, trust me.

  7. Gauis Arbo says:

    Good on you, mate. Thanks, man.

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