Yale Coeds Circa 2029

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Magic 8-Ball photography comes through, yet again.



(All joking aside, this is a picture of women having to hide the fact that they are getting an education. Because the Taliban, who Mr. Hashemi was a spokesman for, didn't allow women to get educations. So why is it that none of the feminists at Yale are screaming their heads off about a former representative of the Taliban walking among them? This is what he represented.)

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2 Responses to Yale Coeds Circa 2029

  1. Black Jack says:

    Feminists abandoned all pretense of supporting women’s issues when they turned their backs on Paula Jones and instead got behind her abuser. You’ll wait a a long, long time, before you get anything but bald-faced hypocrisy from that noisy tribe of brain dead ninnies.

    But, it’s a good question nevertheless.

  2. Gauis Arbo says:

    I think they’re being very misguided about this.

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