Yale Stonewall Crumbling?

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John Fund in today's Opinion Journal reports that a growing number of people in the Yale community are finally beginning to speak out against Mr. Hashemi's acceptance at Yale. That's good news, I think. He also details the story of a Harvard graduate who may be "the one that got away" that former Yale admissions dean Richard Shaw mentioned. There is no similarity between Mr. Hashemi and Harvard graduate Masood Farivar other than that they are from the same country.

One thing that particularly struck me in Fund's article is the open admission by some people that they were deterred from speaking out because of politics. Because some right-wing people spoke out about this issue, they refused to believe it for a long time.

Mr. Oppenheimer attributes his prior reluctance to realize Yale had erred to "basic human stubbornness" and says he finds it "awfully upsetting to agree with jokers like Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly," both of whom have discussed the Yale story on Fox News Channel. "The harder they flogged this issue, the more I became convinced that they had to be wrong. I just feel better across the fence from them. . . . I think it's utterly fair to blame the right wing for making me so desperate to dissemble."

I would disagree with Mr. Oppenheimer. It is not fair to blame someone else's politics as the cause of a failure of one's moral compass. I am glad he's been able to get past the politics, though.

In light of this quote from Mr. Farivar:

For his part, Mr. Farivar says he feels pity for Mr. Hashemi. "He strikes me as either a terribly misguided person or a charlatan and con artist," he told me. "What else can explain his almost overnight conversion to moderation? If he's truly changed his stripes, and the world has one fewer extremist, we'll all be better off. But I'm skeptical."

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