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Apparently, We Can’t…

Untitled document All just get along. Michelle Malkin has been getting vilified, threatened and abused by some people on the left. So has her family. Let's make this very, very clear. People who are doing this are assholes and do … Continue reading

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Trial By Media

Untitled document There's quite a lot about the Duke Lacrosse team story that is bothering me. I have a lot of doubts about everything that has been happening. This whole story has been a media driven frenzy from start to … Continue reading

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This Just In!

Untitled document Americans not dying in record numbers! Today the National Center for Health Statistics released preliminary numbers that indicate that annual deaths dropped by more than 50,000 in 2004, the largest decline in nearly 70 years. The report is based … Continue reading

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Untitled document One of my favorite acronyms, BANANA replaces the old stand-by NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard). BANANA stands for Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything. Anne Applebaum mentions it in a column in the Washington Post about opposition … Continue reading

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The Panda’s Flea

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard sometimes indulge certain comic stylings. We take liberties with already humorous stories and exaggerate to make them even funnier. OK, we make stuff up. But sometimes we simply can't make it up. … Continue reading

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Untitled document The French navy surrendered a multi-million dollar sonar system when a dolphin, thought to be heavily armed with an automatic mackerel demanded they hand it over. OK, I made that up. But the French navy did lose a … Continue reading

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Jack Bauer Replaces McClellan

Untitled document Presented with no further comment. We don't want to be hooked up to the machine. Tweet

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Mind The Boulders

Untitled document What the heck is it with news from Cyprus lately? For a little bitty island, it's been in the news a lot. Women on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus are working on a project to string bras together … Continue reading

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Related Items

Untitled document Today we have a couple of (vaguely) related items: A recent global survey reports that middle-aged and elderly men tend to be more satisfied with their sex lives then women in the same age brackets. Most of the … Continue reading

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On Demonization.

Untitled document In an earlier post we mentioned Glenn Reynolds' statement: "But I didn't let my disappointment with Clinton turn into a hatred of all his policies, the way that some people seem to have let their dislike of Bush … Continue reading

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Fran O’Brien’s Update

Untitled document Mudville Gazette and Blackfive have the details. Here's a direct link to the Hilton GM's answers to questions at Andi's World. I'm with Blackfive on this, Hilton does not know what is going to hit them because of … Continue reading

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How To Get A Huge Poll Number Boost

Untitled document The Wall Street Journal is reporting that President Bush continues to slide in the Polls. Since we now know that the CIA is reading us, along with a number of other agencies, we would like to repeat our … Continue reading

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Sometimes It’s Better To Wait A Bit

Untitled document Rather than going off half-cocked. Last night I read an article in the New York Post that reported a strong rumor that Yale was considering hiring Juan Cole for a tenured position. I immediately started typing a fairly … Continue reading

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Science Fiction To Scary Fact

Untitled document As far as I know, Larry Niven was the person to originate the term "organlegger". From about 1969 onward, Niven produced a number of stories set in his "Known Space" universe that had to do with the subject … Continue reading

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THIS Will Get Some Folks Spinning!

Untitled document It seems the CIA is data-mining blogs. The new Open Source Center (OSC) at CIA headquarters recently stepped up data collection and analysis based on bloggers worldwide and is developing new methods to gauge the reliability of the … Continue reading

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