Sometimes It’s Better To Wait A Bit

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Rather than going off half-cocked. Last night I read an article in the New York Post that reported a strong rumor that Yale was considering hiring Juan Cole for a tenured position. I immediately started typing a fairly incredulous post, thought better of it and, instead, dashed off an email to my Yale contact. I wanted him to post a tirade.

The answer I got was,"No". With a lot of good reasons why it wasn't a good idea.

He was absolutely right, too.

Today, someone with a little bit more stature in the Yale community took care of the issue. Chances are, Yale will be more likely to listen to Michael Rubin '94 GRD '99 than to we here at Blue Crab Boulevard who haven't exactly been kind to Yale lately.

Let's just put it this way, the times I have looked at Juan Cole's articles, he has been wrong. Every. Single. Time. The latest was an article where asserted, in a very authoritative tone, that Iran could not use recycled fuel from a civilian light water reactor to create a plutonium bomb. He said it had to do with isotope concentration. Which kind of neglected to mention that the US had designed, built and detonated a plutonium bomb made from recycled fuel. Because the way you elect to control the reactor determines isotope concentration.

Ah well, thanks for doing the heavy lifting, Mr. Rubin.

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