Crisis? What Crisis?

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Greg Mitchell, the editor of Editor and Publisher, says the US is in "a crisis almost without equal". He argues that everyone seems to be in despair because Bush has another 33 months in office. His argument that , "Facing a similar problem, voters had a chance to quickly toss Jimmy Carter out of office," is – quite frankly – bogus. Which I am quite sure he knew when he wrote it since Carter did not get a second term. He cites Nixon, who quit rather than face the dishonor of an impeachment. Yes, Nixon, for all his flaws, still did the right thing.

But elections are not held retroactively. Nor should they be. Mr. Mitchell seems to think all this is new. All this angst and uproar is almost unprecedented.


This has been going on for a very long time, and if Mr. Mitchell was honest, he'd admit it. I distinctly remember the night I stopped watching CBS news. Dan "Fake, but I'll get away with it" Rather, solemnly and sonorously pronounced, "Tonight, President Reagan's ship of state appears to be sinking." As has always been the case, Danny boy was wrong. (I never watched CBS News again after that night.)

So is Mitchell. The press didn't much care for Harry Truman and announce his defeat, famously – and totally incorrectly. The press didn't much like Eisenhower, especially in his second term. The press didn't bother to report Kennedy's indiscretions even though they pretty well knew about them, by all reports. The press gave Johnson a pass in his first term and turned against him in his second (while it was his first elected administration, it was still his second in reality). The press villified Nixon during his second term and actually brought him down. The press destroyed Ford when he tried to get elected. The people figured out that Carter was a absolutely horrible president almost as soon as he was elected. The press did it's damnedest to take Reagan down in his second term. The press did take George H. W. Bush out after only one term, even though he had won a war. The press gave Clinton a pass, even though he committed arguably worse offenses than Nixon.

And we reach here and now. The press hated that Bush won Florida, especially after they called the election early. Then 9/11 gave Bush some breathing room and he did pretty well, considering. The press really hated that he won a second term. So they have been hounding after him.

This is different than any of the past presidencies how?

Throwing the flag on this one, Mr. Mitchell. You know why. This is exactly media business as usual, no crisis.

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    Nicely expressed!..too bad this disease is still so prevalent…sigh.

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