Patterico Vs. Hiltzik – Blood Match

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Patterico has put together a damning case. It appears that Hiltzik is doing about the lamest thing I have heard of in the blogosphere yet. The evidence shows that Hiltzik is using (as Patterico puts it) "sock Puppet" identities to post at various websites. He'll praise himself and slam enemies, then come on as Hiltzik and praise the sock puppet.

Oh. My. God.

This is beyond lame. One other thing, should you ever be in court facing Patterico as the prosecutor, cop a plea. He's devastating at building a case.

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6 Responses to Patterico Vs. Hiltzik – Blood Match

  1. Thank you for pointing this out. I didn’t think Patterico would respond so quickly. I am going to keep to my own word, however, and not be hasty. We need to hear back from Hiltzik on this. So I’m waiting until he has had a chance to respond.

  2. Gauis Arbo says:

    Well, the eveidence is pretty damning. Most folks simply do not realize how much data is available out there. The IP evidence alone would stand up in court. Patterico is not going to make a charge that would leave him open to a lawsuit, either.

  3. Now that I’ve read Hiltzik’s reply, I’ve posted my response. Oh. My. God. is right. (I would throw in an expletive). And the worst part of it is, Hiltzik’s non-denial denial makes himself look even more culpable.

    Hiltzik completely avoided the sock puppet charge and tried to pretend anonymity or pseudonymity was the issue. That’s just dishonest. Patterico could not have been more clear that sock puppetry is the issue.

    Hiltzik’s meltdown reminds me of Armed Liberal’s observation:

    “He manages, I think to combine the worst of both – the overweening arrogance of the MSM and the casual, fact-challenged style of much blogging. He’s sadly modeling himself on some weird hybrid of TBogg and Atrios, and under the impression that spittle-flecked indignation is what the personal voice of blogging is all about.”

  4. Gauis Arbo says:

    Quite frankly, the man is an embarrassment and the Times should seriously consider doing something about it. And WTF is with someone that has to have imaginary friends defend him?


  5. Black Jack says:

    I just finished reading the comments at Hiltzik’s site. Seems almost no one is going for his disinginuous double talk. Even the Lefty true-bleievers can’t swallow his silly claptrap.

  6. Gauis Arbo says:

    Yeah, this isn’t going real well for him.

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