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A Lot Of Gas About Gas

Untitled document And so we come to another election season.The Democrats, desparate to regain control of at least one chamber of congress are in full attack mode. The media, overwhelmingly members of the Democratic party do not even have to … Continue reading

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Pass The Word On This

Untitled document OK, this is not good folks. It seems there is a thriving trade in stolen computer data in Afghanistan. Locals who work on the base are using zip drives to steal files and then selling them. Damn it, put … Continue reading

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Not Worrying About A Nuclear Iran?

Untitled document Then how about a nuclear Sudan? Iran is considering transferring nuclear technology to Sudan. You know, those lovely people who are perpetrating genocide in their own country. Iran appears quite confident that Russia and China will back them. … Continue reading

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Gas Pains

Untitled document Texas Rainmaker has a very detailed breakdown on what's wrong with all the wailing and gnashing of teeth coming out of Washington over high gas prices. I happen to agree that price controls are a very bad idea … Continue reading

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Untitled document Twice today I went to the National Journal website. Both times a trojan downloader tried to get onto my system from something on their site. I have no idea what it is. I had to run a AV … Continue reading

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Are We The Only Ones?

Untitled document Who think something is a bit strange here.  Note that Osama popped up a couple of days ago and told his troops to head to the Sudan to open a front against the world. Today Zarqawi pops up … Continue reading

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Strategy Page On Being Revolted By Generals

Untitled document I noted the other day that it seemed like the meme about the retired generals was about out of steam. I think there's a reason for that. Even the press realized they were crossing a line. Oh I … Continue reading

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What A Great Story

Untitled document I have never heard this story. I was never a baseball fan and don't remembering hearing about it back when it happened. In 1976, two young men tried to burn an American flag on the field at Dodger … Continue reading

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Central Command

Untitled document I received an email from the US Central Command asking if I could place a link to them here. So you'll notice there's a hotlink on the sidebar. It's a good source for information you won't see in … Continue reading

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Shanghai Or Bust!

Untitled document Chinese bra manufacturers have had to greatly expand their production of larger cup size bras, due to increased demand. It seems that improved nutrition and physical exercise has expanded Chinese women's bust sizes. The report, seen on the … Continue reading

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Killer Chimps!

Untitled document Police in Sierra Leone are searching for as many as 20 chimpanzees who killed a taxi driver and injured three Americans. The chimps escaped from a sanctuary for orphaned or abandoned animals. The Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary in forested … Continue reading

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How Spin Is Made

Untitled document In today's Washington Post an applied lesson in spin. Mary McCarthy had her lawyer talk to the press. The article states in the first paragraph that the lawyer denied she leaked any classified material. A lawyer representing fired CIA … Continue reading

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MilBlogs And Milblogging

Untitled document A very nice writeup of the subject today from the BBC of all places. They actually covered the recently complete Milblogger Conference in Washington. Over the course of a day of discussions taking place both in person and … Continue reading

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Standing Room Only

Untitled document It seems the Airbus consortium is quietly pushing a wonderful new concept. Not content with building a double-decker aircraft that will seat about a half a million people, they want to get even more people crammed in. So … Continue reading

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Stolen Honor

Untitled document Here's a post from ThreatsWatch by Steve Schippert that perfectly captures what happened to America and to our servicemen during and after Vietnam. Far too many men who served their country had their honor stolen (or more properly, clouded) … Continue reading

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