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Well, the effort to unseat Joe Lieberman continues. Not by a person from the other party. People in Lieberman's own party are trying to replace him. Led by Screamin' Howie Dean's own brother, no less.

Here's a great idea. Take a senior Senator who is ultra reliable on every, single position of the Democratic party except one the far left does not like. And bump him off. That is some kind of strategic thinking. Even more telling, it's not people in Connecticut that are driving this whole effort:

But in the space of six weeks, the newcomer has come on strong. Lamont raised $344,111 from 4,337 online donors and added $371,500 of his own money. He hired a staff of seasoned professionals and signed up several thousand volunteers. The 52-year-old cable television entrepreneur is blitzing the state, hitting as many as three events per evening. (emphasis added)

So welcome, citizens of Connecticut to the brave new world where people from outside your state dictate who you can have representing you in the Congress. Because you can bet the bulk of those online donors aren't from your state. So vote for Lamont, lose a three term Senator over one issue the left can't swallow.

While I doubt Lieberman and I would see eye to eye on a lot of subjects (and would agree on others), he's a staunch supporter of the troops. He's also able to see beyond partisanship and look to the good of the country. That makes him a better person than the people trying to unseat him right now.

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3 Responses to Cannibals

  1. Black Jack says:

    The more things chance, the more they stay the same:

    The Left has always been pragmatic, they insist on party discipline above all. To enforce discipline, they’re willing to turn their backs on anyone who won’t tow the party line. And OTOH they’ll tolerate even the KKK as long as they vote a straight ticket.

    Lefty ideology is one thing, but votes are what really count, and Dems know it. When the chips are down, party heavyweights call the tune, and noisy Moonbats have a choice, they can shut up, or go howl at the moon.

    Lefty ideologues will try to replace Lieberman in the primary election, but if he prevails, Dem leaders will take a few deep breaths, swallow hard, and start sucking up, least ol’ Joe depart for more friendly climes.

  2. Gauis Arbo says:

    The Party leadership (aside from Dean) is frankly not real happy about this.

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