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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Continuing on in my task to visit one member of the fighting 101st each day, today I went to Assorted Babble, a blog which has been kind enough to link me several times. Suzie has the lowdown on … Continue reading

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Tell Me Again Why

Untitled document We're rebuilding New Orleans in the same spot and not thinking about moving it? It turns out New Orleans is sinking by as much as one inch per year. Everyone has known New Orleans is a sinking city. Now … Continue reading

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VA Records Loss Worse Than Originally Reported

Untitled document Damn it, this just keeps getting worse. WASHINGTON – Personal information on 26.5 million veterans that was stolen from a Veterans Affairs employee this month not only included Social Security numbers and birthdates but in many cases phone … Continue reading

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Untitled document Gateway Pundit has a phenomenal report that really puts the Iraq war in perspective. This is stuff you will never see in the mainstream media that is controlling (or trying to control) the narrative on the war. Despite … Continue reading

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Attacking The Constitution

Untitled document Well, the folks in California are hopping on the bandwagon to try to overturn the constitution, which I have posted on before. Basically this an attempt at an end-run around the constitution and the electoral college without actually … Continue reading

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WaPo Discovers Egyptian Bloggers

Untitled document Welcome to the party, WaPo. Glad there is some mainstream coverage at last on this. The more light, the better. Earlier coverage here. Tweet

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I Anticipate Injuries

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard wish to alert people to the following safety advisory: do not get in the path of any man suffering from hair loss when he reads of this study just released in the … Continue reading

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This Is Just A Nice Story

Untitled document Frank and Anita Milford of England have just celebrated their 78th wedding anniversary. The pair met as teenagers at a dance in Plymouth, southern England, in 1926 and married two years later. Asked for the secret of their … Continue reading

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Oh Darn, There Goes Another Big Chance

Untitled document To prove you're a complete lunatic. The city of Deadwood, South Dakota has given up it's plans to stage an event similar to the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. They were planning to use American bison … Continue reading

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Armstrong Cleared

Untitled document Lance Armstrong has been cleared of the accusations the he was illegally doping during the 1999 Tour de France. When this story first broke, I suspected it was completely fabricated. Turns out I was right. Dutch investigators cleared … Continue reading

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Michael Moore Gets Sued

Untitled document Well, this may change at least a few minds about the veracity of Michael Moore's films. There is something really slimy about treating a wounded soldier like this. I rather hope we all get to see Mr. Moore … Continue reading

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PC? Who Cares!

Untitled document Two reporters have compiled a book providing and account of great moments in the wit and wisdom of Prince Phillip of England. It sounds absolutely hysterical. The Duke of Edinburgh (his title) is apparently not amused by the … Continue reading

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US Willing To Negotiate With Iran

Untitled document In a complete change in direction, the Bush administration has signaled a willingness to participate in negotiations with Iran. Provided the Iranians meet certain strict criteria. The United States is willing to join European nations in direct talks … Continue reading

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Stinks And Booms

Untitled document This is a very sad story, actually. I grew up when home chemistry sets were not only available, but had many, many ingredients that could be used to do all sorts of neat things. Like stinks and booms. … Continue reading

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What Murtha Hath Wrought

Untitled document People like John Murtha who proclaim guilt before an investigation is even complete end up causing an incredible amount of harm to the people who may yet be charged with crimes. Even worse, they end up sending out … Continue reading

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