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On May Day

Untitled document We've had a number of pro-illegal immigrant marches today. All around the world we have had a lot of demonstrations. The old Soviet model all over again. It's rearing itself again. The monstrous evil that stood over the … Continue reading

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Untitled document This is getting serious folks. While our media, driven further to the left by the left, continues to distract attention, Iran is rushing ahead with it's plans. Oh, so what, they're trying to get nukes, right? No big … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Get Busy

Untitled document And don't check some of my blogroll friends often enough. When I get a moment, I try to catch up. Jim over at Gateway Pundit has been very kind to me and my relatively new blog and has … Continue reading

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Illegal Immigration Factoid

Untitled document From Lou Dobbs. In 1980 jobs in a meatpacking plant paid $19 per hour. Today that same job pays closer to $9 per hour. A lot of meat packing plants closed today. Connect the dots. Americans won't take … Continue reading

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Untitled document Only the "F" doesn't stand for Friday in this case. It stands for finger. A customer at a TGI Fridays in Bloomington, Indiana was inadvertently served part of the kitchen manager's severed finger after an accident in the … Continue reading

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Backlash Countdown

Untitled document Well, there have been marches across the country at this point by people supporting illegal immigration. A side note is that a number of businesses that employ large numbers of illegals have now identified themselves by closing today … Continue reading

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The Latest Installment

Untitled document From Michael Totten on his trip to the powder keg that is the Lebanese border with Israel. I guess it would be more correct to say the Hezbollah border, though. Tweet

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Fran O’Brien’s

Untitled document Has been forced out of the Capitol Hilton. List of Hilton Brands: Conrad Hotels Doubletree Embassy Suites Hampton Homewood Suites And any of the varieties of Hilton Hotels and resorts. Tweet

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Poll As Hit Piece

Untitled document If this poll reported by CNN did, indeed, ask the question as worded in the article, this is the most blatantly ridiculous poll I have ever even heard of. According to the story, the poll asked whether people … Continue reading

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Yale Update

Untitled document Clint Taylor over at Nail Yale reports what may be a good sign that Hashemi will not be admitted as a regular student at Yale. It's still very non-committal, but is at least a sign that something is … Continue reading

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Flight 93

Untitled document I see a couple of comments out in the blogosphere and even from movie analysts that say, in effect, that Flight 93 didn't live up to it's hype. Well, aside from the obvious "spoiler" activity in these posts, … Continue reading

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Stop Using Pesticides!!!

Untitled document Or the women of the world will become extremely unhappy. Well, those women that prefer men anyway. One researcher, quoted in the London Free Press says that pesticide use can lead to diminished penis sizes. A renowned U.S. … Continue reading

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Washington Post On Blogads Survey

Untitled document Today's Washington Post takes note of the Blogads survey that was just conducted. A lot of other blogs commented on that when it came out. I did read the survey results. The WaPo people correctly points out that … Continue reading

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The War Tapes

Untitled document Andi over at Andi's World has a post up about a movie that opened at the Tribeca Film Festival called The War Tapes. It follows three members of our military and the families they left behind. After Mike … Continue reading

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Andrea Clark Update

Untitled document The family has had their lawyer send a pretty strongly worded letter demanding a change in physicians. John Hawkins at Right Wing News has the very latest news on this case. It really is time to call the … Continue reading

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