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Untitled document Far too many on the left will not be able to comprehend this. Mary Cheney writes that when she told her parents she was gay, the first words out of her father’s mouth “were exactly the ones that … Continue reading

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Last Choice

Untitled document Hillary Clinton: "I wanted desperately to be an Olympic athlete," Clinton said Monday at a Purchase College symposium on Title IX, the 1972 law outlawing sex discrimination in educational programs that receive federal funding. "I tried everything. I … Continue reading

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That WILL Leave A Mark

Untitled document I have a commenter or two about the place who, quite earnestly, defend Juan Cole as being a superbly accurate source of information. I frankly have checked a few things he's written and found each and every one … Continue reading

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Now THAT’S Security

Untitled document A thief dressed in the same uniform worn by security guards robbed the Pitti Palace in Florence of the days admission money. About 200,000 Euros worth. He strolled in, collected three bags of money, signed a receipt and … Continue reading

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Pictures From Iraq Too Shocking For The Mainsteam Media

Untitled document These pictures are too shocking for any major media outlet in America to ever show. Oh the horror. H/T (Ten Gallon Variety) to Jason at Texas Rainmaker for this gem. He also has a modest immigration proposal, so … Continue reading

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Zarqawi In Trouble?

Untitled document Strategy Page is reporting that US forces have been destroying Zarqawi's organization at a very rapid pace. Currently, TF 145 is divided into four sub units. Task Force West has several dozen commandoes from the U.S. Navy SEAL … Continue reading

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In the Cave Of Evil

Untitled document I ran across this article in the Yahoo news travel section. It's kind of amusing. It details a trip to Naxos, a Greek island, to look for the "Cave of Evil". The cave the travelers found wasn't much … Continue reading

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Hygiene Advice

Untitled document "Red" Ken Livingstone wants everyone to listen to his thoughtful advice on hygiene. Don't flush your toilet. The Mayor of London says he personally stopped flushing the toilet 15 months ago and swears it doesn't attract flies. "A … Continue reading

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Offensive Art

Untitled document Another artist under siege, this time in India. M. F, Hussain is an Indian artist and filmmaker who painted several pictures of nude Indian Gods and Goddesses as well as representing "Mother India" as a nude. Apparently, an activist … Continue reading

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Isn’t This What We Suggested?

Untitled document It seems that Great Britain is "cracking down" on illicit treasure hunters. But the crackdown really is aimed more at treasure hunting for profit type people. It actually makes legitimate treasure hunters (if that's the right term) almost … Continue reading

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Backlash Watch

Untitled document Well, this is just going to make everyone in the US happy as can be. The leftist candidate in the Mexican presidential election want to push the US on immigration reform. He wants us to just accept the … Continue reading

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Yet Another Poll

Untitled document Showing Bush at an all time low. It's more interesting to look at the questions than the numbers, because it really doesn't look all that good for the Democrats, either. While the headlines are trumpeting that "Democrats Win" … Continue reading

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Reeling In Big Fish

Untitled document Pakistan confirms the capture of Mustafa Setmarian Nasar, a top al Qaeda leader. The terrorist has been flown out of the country to an undisclosed location. Which the New York Times is undoubtedly trying to find so they … Continue reading

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Andrea Clark – Brightening Outlook?

Untitled document John Hawkins, who has been all over this story from the outset, has some hopeful news. Let's hope the meeting he speaks of goes well. UPDATE: Andrea Clark is no longer facing the "medically futile" law. A new … Continue reading

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White Guilt

Untitled document Writing in the Opinion Journal, Shelby Steele argues that America is hobbled by white guilt. It began, I believe, in a late-20th-century event that transformed the world more profoundly than the collapse of communism: the world-wide collapse of … Continue reading

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