That WILL Leave A Mark

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I have a commenter or two about the place who, quite earnestly, defend Juan Cole as being a superbly accurate source of information. I frankly have checked a few things he's written and found each and every one of them to be wrong, but no matter. Suffice it to say that if you get your nuclear physics from Juan, you won't be passing any real world exams anytime soon. You might be all set for Star Fleet Academy, but you'd need to consult a Trekkie.

Nonetheless, Yale considers him quite a catch it would seem and is wooing him (they may have made a job offer by now, I'm frankly not interested in the man enough to follow his every move.) Perhaps the people who decide such things for Yale should read this little gem by Christopher Hitchens prior to making any decision. If they haven't made the decision already, of course.

I think I would rather not be on the receiving end of one of Mr. Hitchens' little essays. He's absolutely brutal. His closing words are classic.

One might have thought that, if the map-wiping charge were to have been inaccurate or unfair, Ahmadinejad would have denied it. But he presumably knew what he had said and had meant to say. In any case, he has an apologist to do what he does not choose to do for himself. But this apologist, who affects such expertise in Persian, cannot decipher the plain meaning of a celebrated statement and is, furthermore, in need of a remedial course in English.

You really need to read the whole thing.

Speaking of leaving a mark, Tigerhawk is brutal.

UPDATE: Michael Young is even harder on Cole. This one is devastating. Cole stepped in it this time.

UPDATE: Cole's defense didn't impress Andrew Sullivan, either. Cole's unhinged ad hominem attack is shown for what it is.

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