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Hitchens Vs. Cole, Death Match

Untitled document This is getting to be more and more amusing. Hitchens went in swinging, Cole responded with a complete below the belt foul and set himself up for the mother of all uppercuts. But he's 10th rate, and he's … Continue reading

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Lewis The Attack Cat Back In The News

Untitled document Blue Crab Boulevard brought you the riveting story of Lewis, the attack cat from Fairfield, Connecticut previously. Well Lewis is back in the news. It seems neighbors have filed charges since Lewis has attacked at least a half … Continue reading

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Do NOT Accept An Invitation From This Woman

Untitled document If she invites you to a cookout, just back away slowly. Shatavia Kearney of Jacksonville, Florida called the managers of her apartment building to ask them to remove a snake from the porch. They weren't really interested in helping … Continue reading

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Mr. Taylor Gets A Letter

Untitled document Clint Taylor over at Nail Yale got a very interesting letter. From the President of Yale himself. Polite yet non-committal, it still seems a very hopeful sign. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Taylor: I have your letter and enclosures … Continue reading

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Moussaoui Gets Life

Untitled document A Federal jury decided that Zacarias Moussaoui deserves a life sentence for his role in the 9/11 attacks. It's hard to say if this is a more fitting sentence than death. But since it is a Federal sentence, there … Continue reading

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Preston Under Glass

Untitled document Inspired by one of the comments I got earlier today. Here's the mystical Blue Crab Crystal Ball. Fear Preston…… Tweet

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But Do We Get Air Support?

Untitled document Captain Ed reports that CentCom mentioned the 101st Fighting Keyboardists! Too funny. When do we get air support? Or a tank! That would be fun. We've had the CentCom button on the sidebar for a while now. They are … Continue reading

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Told Ya So, Round 2

Untitled document Read the poll, read the results. First party to back strong immigration controls wins in November. That's a hint, folks. On immigration generally, Americans want less, not more, immigration. Only 26 percent said immigrants were assimilating fine and … Continue reading

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This Can Only Be A Surprise To The MSM

Untitled document A pretty hefty majority already knew it. A 10-country opinion poll for Reuters, the BBC and the Media Centre found British and U.S. consumers out on a limb when it comes to public levels of trust in the … Continue reading

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Well, That’s A Little Disingenuous

Untitled document Disingenuous: adjective: lacking in candor; also : giving a false appearance of simple frankness (Miriam-Webster On-Line Dictionary) Rush Limbaugh: "There was no arrest. There were no handcuffs. There was no perp walk. There is no charge," said Limbaugh, … Continue reading

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The Lunatic Express

Untitled document No, this post is not about Daily Kos. There's a railway in Kenya that has the nickname. It runs from Mombasa into Uganda, and it sounds like quite a picturesque ride. The silverware in the restaurant carriage has … Continue reading

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He Didn’t Beat The Rap

Untitled document He enjoyed being beaten too much to even try! Abraham Alexander, an accounts payable executive at the Manhattan Cardiovascular Research Foundation, admitted to stealing $237,162 and spending most of it on services provided by a Columbus, Ohio-based dominatrix … Continue reading

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Oh. My. God.

Untitled document What would you do if you weighed 550 kilograms (more than 1,200 pounds)? Why fly to Italy for an operation, of course. A Mexican man who at 550 kg is possibly the heaviest person in the world hopes … Continue reading

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Wow, All This Silence Is So Loud

Untitled document A number of people at a number of left-leaning sites have been complaining that the media was covering up Colbert's performance. That the media was silencing them, in effect. Which is hysterical given the enormous coverage the Colbert … Continue reading

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Reviving The Posse

Untitled document Joe Arpaio, Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona has activated members of the local posse to help enforce immigration law. His is the only county in Arizona that is trying to enforce the state's anti-smuggling law. "There are so … Continue reading

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