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More Truthiness

Untitled document Yeah, I know the folks who like to talk about how they are being oppressed (or repressed) are already all just aglow about the heckling of Rumsfeld.  Yeah, speaking truth to power and all that. Except, consider this, … Continue reading

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Untitled document Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows I don't have a high opinion of Ted Kennedy. It's not his politics, although I agree with almost none of his positions. It's not his nasty … Continue reading

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Andi’s World Fran O’Brien Update

Untitled document Andi over at Andi's World has a very interesting update on the Fran O'Brien Stadium Steakhouse. The American Legion hand carried the following letter to the Capitol Hilton: Dear Mr.Kelleher: The leasing dispute between The Captial Hilton Hotel and … Continue reading

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A Minor, Commonsense Question

Untitled document We have been hearing an awful lot about global warming lately. There are a lot of people who think that the warming is caused, at least partly by man. Others (I am one) think there is insufficient data … Continue reading

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Trying An Experiment

Untitled document An amazing amount of people have signed up with the 101st Fighting Keyboardists, I think Captain Ed deserves a round of applause on the idea – it was brilliant. I sent him an email today, telling him what … Continue reading

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FLASH! Exclusive To Blue Crab Boulevard!

Untitled document Blue Crab Boulevard has learned that Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi has sent a special thank you gift to Tatiana Maxwell, the president of the International Education Foundation. The foundation was created to raise money to send Mr. Hashemi to college. Mr … Continue reading

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Zarqawi Channels Moe, Larry And Curley

Untitled document A tape of Zarqawi's greatest bloopers has been released showing him unable to figure out how to operate a machine gun. Also included in the greatest hits compilation is a scene with his loyal troops burning their hands … Continue reading

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This Is Wrong On So Many Levels

Untitled document A Federal judge has ordered the city of San Diego to remove a 29-foot tall cross that marks a war memorial on top of Mount Soledad. The cross has stood since 1954. The first cross was erected on … Continue reading

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Bill Gates Wishes He Wasn’t The Richest Man In The World

Untitled document Speaking to a reporter at a Microsoft publicity event, Bill Gates said he wished he wasn't the richest man in the world. He said nothing good comes from it. Not wishing Mr. Gates to come to any further … Continue reading

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Phone Call From Iraq

Untitled document This morning I received a call from my son. He tells me his unit has been running almost continuous missions since he's been in country. Obviously he could not tell me where he has been traveling. We had … Continue reading

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Body Recovered

Untitled document We reported on four "animal rights activists" who were convicted of running a four year terror campaign against a family who raised guinea pigs for research. They stole the corpse of the family's grandmother as part of their … Continue reading

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This Is Enough

Untitled document To make you swear off drinking. Workers renovating a house in Hungary found a very large barrel of rum and decided to have a few drinks. Then a few more. Then a couple more. Until the large barrel … Continue reading

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So What’s The Reaction?

Untitled document Yesterday (and continuing on today) I had a lot of visiting commenters who came over here from Daou after this post got linked there. I'd be interested to see their reaction to the behavior of the darling of … Continue reading

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An Immigrant On Immigration

Untitled document Smash over at Indepundit has a comment posted from one of his readers. It was so relevant to the immigration discussion that Smash moved it to the front page. It really should be read. It is by a naturalized American … Continue reading

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More Culture Of Corruption

Untitled document Ever wonder why the Democrats have stopped using that meme? Vernon L. Jackson, 53, owner of Louisville-based iGate Inc., pleaded guilty to conspiracy to bribe and bribery in U.S. District Court in Alexandria. Federal sentencing guidelines call for … Continue reading

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