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One Question

Untitled document Juan Cole has posted a series of emails he sent to Jacob Weisberg at Slate protesting Christopher Hitchens' (I quote) "hatchet job" on Cole. Funny thing is, the posted emails appear to start at the reply to Cole's … Continue reading

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Goss Resignation

Untitled document This take on the Goss resignation, by Mac Ranger at Mac's Mind, is extremely interesting. This is someone with a heck of a lot more knowledge on the subject than a lot of the general blogospheric commentators (myself included). … Continue reading

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Apparently Nothing Better To Do

Untitled document The California Assembly passed a bill banning the sale of sonogram machines to private individuals. Under the bill, only licensed personnel and facilities can buy the machines. The bill was passed in response to the critically urgent need to regulate … Continue reading

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Score One For The Little Guy

Untitled document The Maine blogger who was being sued by an advertising agency has just won. The agency withdrew the lawsuit. That would be an unconditional surrender. Well, that tactic kind of backfired, didn't it? Bloggers should still be careful … Continue reading

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Patrick Kennedy To Enter Drug Rehab

Untitled document MSNBC reports that Representative Patrick Kennedy has announced his intention to seek treatment for an addiction to prescription drugs. Good for him. He has a very tough road ahead of him and I wish him well. UPDATE: There is … Continue reading

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There’s Money In Garbage

Untitled document No, I mean real money. $275,000 or so worth of Japanese currency to be precise. A waste disposal company in Japan gets to keep the cash, discovered by an employee sorting the stuff, after a six month period. … Continue reading

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Okay Lady, Hand Over The Bag!

Untitled document We have a completely new crime to report in our intermittent "Criminal Mastermind" series. This is a definite first. A drug addict and would-be mugger fled after his intended victim told him the bag she was carrying held … Continue reading

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I Have No Idea What To Make Of This

Untitled document I don't think there was any warning of this at all: Porter Goss has resigned as the Director of the CIA. Tweet

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Flash! Exclusive Details Of Zarqawi’s New Show!

Untitled document Blue Crab Boulevard, always the firstest with the bestest news, has an exclusive look behind the scenes at Abu Masab al-Zarqawi's new television show. Following the rave reviews of his Jihad's Greatest Bloopers and Blunders special, al Jazeera … Continue reading

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Media Adding Fuel To The Fire

Untitled document Well, this study from the Media Research Center confirms just how bad the media is attempting to dictate the outcome of elections. There simply is no other plausible reason for this kind of skewed reporting. Outright suppression of good … Continue reading

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Hey! Here’s An Idea!

Untitled document The Colossus has a modest little plan for celebrating Cinco de Mayo. It is sheer brilliance, and I highly recommend it! The Colossus is one of the members of the 101st Fighting Keyboardists and is my "Blog of … Continue reading

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The Potential Power Of Blogs

Untitled document A big advertising agency working for the Maine Office of Tourism (MOT) sues a blogger to silence him. The blogger in question, Lance Dutson, had published criticism of the MOT and of Warren Kremer Paino Advertising (WKP). The Media … Continue reading

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Why The Media Has A Bad Reputation

Untitled document Confederate Yankee has an appalling example of media bias. Bias toward our enemies by actually making excuses for them. This one is really egregious. When showing the Zarqawi blooper tape, CNN's Jamie McIntyre helpfully explains all the difficulties … Continue reading

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Untitled document I think this is the first time I can remember when a "new record low poll numbers" article has mentioned something I've been saying for a long time. The approve/disapprove type questions capture both extremes extremes equally. Those … Continue reading

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Krauthammer On Israel

Untitled document Right now, internal politics totally dominates the MSM and the blogosphere. There's occasional glimpses of the war in Iraq, but the total number of stories has declined as the internal focus has taken over. How this makes us look … Continue reading

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