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Mark Steyn, George Clooney And The Real World

Untitled document Well, it's a real relief that George Clooney is demanding immediate action in the Sudan. One presumes he is now more than happy to project American force. Oh, he wants international force. Never mind. That won't happen. Mark … Continue reading

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Is This What Our Aid Dollars Buys?

Untitled document An Egyptian blogger arrested for protesting for freedom of the courts in Egypt? This is not something any of us in the blogosphere should be willing to tolerate. Every single one of us should be screaming about this, … Continue reading

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Never Missing An Opportunity

Untitled document To miss an opportunity? Did Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership make a really big error today? By appearing to gloat and count chickens did they actually derail themselves? Time will tell, but The Influence Peddler seems to … Continue reading

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Waste Of Oxygen

Untitled document I had the unfortunate experience of living though the years of Jimmy Carter's presidency. Or perhaps the correct expression is managing to exist through it. It was, without a doubt, the worst administration I ever experienced. People who wail … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Today I visited Holy Coast as part of my project to visit each member of the 101st Fighting Keyboardists. Rick Moore has a, shall we say, less than flattering review of Markos Moulitsas (aka Daily Kos) and his … Continue reading

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Draft Hollywood

Untitled document That's the title of an op-ed in the LA Times today. Well, aside from the fact that virtually none of the Hollywood types could hope to be smart enough or fit enough to actually serve in the military, … Continue reading

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“People More Often Need To Be Reminded Than Informed”

Untitled document George Will quotes Samuel Johnson in his column today on United 93. Sometimes it's like columnists are reading Blue Crab Boulevard since they make many of the same points I have made about the movie. Will notes that … Continue reading

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The Old Evil

Untitled document Hugo Chavez wants to pull a Castro and become president-for-life of Venezeula. While the bicker and squabble of internal partisan politics keeps American attention focused inwards, the old evils rise again. While the party out of power counts … Continue reading

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The Face Of Evil

Untitled document I doubt that our media will take time out from reporting on Tom Cruise long enough to notice this story. From the Times of London comes this horrifying story of the last moments of a woman journalist in … Continue reading

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Smile At The Future

Untitled document A glimpse of what dental care will look like if universal health care comes to the United States. Britain has a terrible shortage of dentists in the national health service. So people are, more and more, resorting to … Continue reading

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Terrorists Build Lousy Governments

Untitled document Israeli intelligence broke up a plan to assassinate Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president. They warned him that the military wing of Hamas was planning to kill him at his office in Gaza. It is not clear exactly who authorized the … Continue reading

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Counting Chickens

Untitled document The old warning about "counting your chickens before the eggs hatch" conveys an important truth. It is not a good idea to make final plans based on expected outcomes. Life has a funny way of punishing those who do so. … Continue reading

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