The Face Of Evil

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I doubt that our media will take time out from reporting on Tom Cruise long enough to notice this story. From the Times of London comes this horrifying story of the last moments of a woman journalist in Iraq. This story is not for the weak of stomach.

Nobody but her killers knew just how much she had suffered until a film showing her death on February 22 at the hands of two musclebound men in military uniforms emerged last week. Her family’s worst fears of what might have happened have been far exceeded by the reality.

Bahjat was abducted after making three live broadcasts from the edge of her native city of Samarra on the day its golden-domed Shi’ite mosque was blown up, allegedly by Sunni terrorists.

It gets much worse very quickly from there. The author, Hala Jaber, draws a few conclusions that I don't fully agree with. He blames this on death squads and sectarian strife. But killings like these exactly follow the strategy al Qaeda has been following all along. They are trying to provoke civil war and sectarian violence. So these murderous monsters may not even really be Iraqi at all. There are a lot of conflicting facts listed in the story that point to both Sunni and Shi'ite elements. That makes me suspect it is really neither of those, but agents trying to provoke the two sides.

This is the face of evil itself. That the monsters choose to hide behind masks shows how deeply depraved and cowardly they really are. We must remember we are at war. Or that face will show itself again and again.

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  2. Black Jack says:

    So, a journalists is butchered by terrorists. It wasn’t all that long ago executives in MSM were complaining about US forces “targeting journalists.” One big shot at CNN had to resign over comments he made at international conferences.

    Now, can we expect our MSM come out with a flood of stories denouncing this barbaric atrocity? Or will the good men and women in American print and broadcast news sit silently while foreign journalists are butchered?

  3. Gaius says:

    The MSM is playing enabler to these cowards.

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