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Asking For A Mulligan

Untitled document Realizing he faces the rest of his natural life sitting alone in a maximum security hole, Zacarias Moussaoui is begging for a chance to try again. The brave Jihadi (in the very best Brave Sir Robin tradition), so … Continue reading

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Pointing Out The Obvious

Untitled document Well, I'm not sure if it's at all helpful at this point, since the Iranian President appears to be completely deranged, but Shimon Peres today pointed out the obvious. Iran will face a payback for any nuclear attack. … Continue reading

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Speaker Of The House?

Untitled document In Oz? Quick, get a bucket of water! Tweet

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Video Of Journalist’s Murder Is A Hoax

Untitled document Jawa Report has the details. Someone sent the hoax tape to the Sunday Times and the reporter who viewed it believed it to be real. We posted about it yesterday. Atwar Bahjat was, indeed, murdered by someone, but … Continue reading

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Untitled document There's an article in today's Wall Street Journal speculating on the possibility that Al Gore might enter the 2008 Presidential race. For former Vice President Al Gore, a rash of favorable publicity surrounding this month's opening of his … Continue reading

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New Jersey: We’re Not Just Chemical Plants

Untitled document New Jersey has rejected it's second tourism slogan in less than one year. "Come See For Yourself" lasted only a little longer than "We'll Win You Over". Then acting-Governor Richard J. Codey rejected the first slogan because he … Continue reading

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Untitled document I think this will be my 101st Fighting Keyboardist blog of the day.  There is an excellent post up over at the Middle Ground. Kat has a lengthy essay up on choice and on a common fallacy – that … Continue reading

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Update On Alaa Abd El-Fatah

Untitled document The Egyptian blogger arrested over the weekend. Rantings of a Sandmonkey has all the latest news and contact information, along with several handy letter templates for people who need a model for an effective letter. (That's not a … Continue reading

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Stories Like This

Untitled document Tick me off to no end. In today's Washington Post, Christopher Lee writes that Bush's appointments are "less diverse" that Clinton's were at the same point in their presidencies. The firs few paragraphs explain how Bush only has … Continue reading

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Immigration Reform

Untitled document Michael Barone, writing in Real Clear Politics, discusses the problems congress has had and is still having with the issue of immigration. While there is more than enough blame on this issue to go around, something has got to … Continue reading

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This Is Very Sad

Untitled document John Hawkins reports that Andrea Clark has passed away. He does not have any word on cause of death yet. Andrea's sister posted this on DU: "Andrea passed away peacefully a little before 3pm today, with her family … Continue reading

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Still More On the November Elections

Untitled document John Fund, writing in the Opinion Journal, has some important points about the November elections. His analysis comes down to it really being the Republicans election to blow more than the Democrats chance to win. He points out … Continue reading

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Europe Falling

Untitled document The Roman Catholic Church does many good works all over the world. They help feed, clothe and shelter people. I suspect that the Cardinal in charge of the diocese in Brussels may have gone a bit overboard, though. … Continue reading

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Performance Anxiety

Untitled document The Washington Post reports that young male college students are increasingly having performance issues. Not in classwork, but in more intimate settings. The story is really anecdotal since there is little if any experimental data to back up the … Continue reading

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Untitled document Ace over at The Ace of Spades HQ has a post up that pretty well completely wraps up whats wrong with the far left. The inability to afford primacy to their fellow citizens or, in extreme cases, even their … Continue reading

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