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A Difficult Post

Untitled document I am still fairly new at blogging. I have been, obviously, trying to gain some readership, but still do this, ultimately, for myself. I try to have fun, and I am always honest in what I post. What … Continue reading

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Untitled document Ronald Reagan was vilified (Oddly enough, by the current President's own father) as a practitioner of "voodoo economics" for daring to propose that tax cuts would spur the economy. Except that after the tax cuts kicked in, the … Continue reading

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And More Good News

Untitled document This is a good day for upbeat news from Iraq. Bill Crawford has the latest numbers from Brookings up – they show real progress is being made in Iraq. Why do I doubt this will show up in … Continue reading

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On A Roll

Untitled document Wow, The Real Ugly American is getting some great stuff these days. He actually snagged an interview with Juan Williams from Fox News. Good for him! Rick's one of the first folks to notice the humble crabitat over … Continue reading

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Others Noticed, Too

Untitled document I posted yesterday that the Iranian President's letter sounded exactly like he was reading Daily Kos. I wasn't alone in noticing that. Rick Moran over at Rightwing Nuthouse has a really detailed piece on it including the observation … Continue reading

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Taking Slacking To A New Low

Untitled document So, you hang around college taking classes, decide you're enjoying yourself and decide to stay a while. A long while. Twelve years to be exact. But instead of graduating you withdraw your paperwork so you can stay one … Continue reading

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Rich In Discontent

Untitled document Robert J. Samuelson has an interesting piece in the Washington Post about rising affluence and rising discontent. It's quite thought-provoking. You hear the refrain all the time: The economy looks good statistically (4.7 percent unemployment), but it doesn't … Continue reading

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If This Is Right

Untitled document This is a strategy for losing. Trying to pass a bunch of silly bills instead of dealing with the only real issues the country cares about, immigration and fiscal responsibility, is a stupendously bad idea. Quite frankly, if the Republicans … Continue reading

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VERY Good News From Iraq

Untitled document Gateway Pundit has the details of a new announcement carried in Iraqi media. This is absolutely huge. Over 200 Iraqi tribal leaders will meet in Baghdad on Wednesday may 10th to sign an honor compact to denounce and … Continue reading

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Yet Another Sign

Untitled document Of the sheer power of human stupidity. A 17 year old is in the hospital with a broken leg, while his 18 year old accomplice has been arrested. The offense? The younger boy asked the older one to … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document As part of my ongoing project to visit one fellow member of the 101st Fighting Keyboardists each day, I visited Roger Houston. There's a nice bit of coverage on Ayaan Hirsi Ali's speech at Harvard's Kennedy School (which … Continue reading

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Deferred Discussion

Untitled document Last night I posted about the story that Alphonso Jackson gave a speech in which he said he had not awarded a contract based on a contractors comment that he disliked President Bush. My take on it was … Continue reading

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Must Be The Day For It

Untitled document Hindrocket over at Powerline has some free advice for the President which sounds very much like what we here in the crabitat have been saying for a while now. Give a major speech in prime time. Say that you still … Continue reading

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It’s Always Amusing

Untitled document When the press notices something we've been saying here in the Blue Crab Boulevard crabitat for quite some time now. We can almost feel our lips moving when we read a story like this. For the past year, Democrats have been … Continue reading

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Alaa Update

Untitled document Sandmonkey has updates to the situation, including an online petition you can sign. This is REAL easy folks, give name and an email and click a button. It's very, very simple. Please support freedom. Tweet

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