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Totten In Israel

Untitled document Michael Totten has a really fascinating post up about the forgotten Palestinians. The ones who happen to be Israeli citizens. It's very revealing. Tweet

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I Was Trying To Figure Out

Untitled document How to post about this without making a direct link. Fortunately (for me, if not him), John Hawkins linked it and I can do an indirect link to the post through him. The Huffington Post, home of many … Continue reading

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Gee, This Is Encouraging

Untitled document The former head of Pakistan's army, retired General Mirza Aslam Beg, has just revealed that an Iranian delegation came to him and asked how to head off military action against Iran. General Beg, being helpful and all, gave them … Continue reading

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Now This Is Serious!

Untitled document If you go to a park in Honolulu, you may not be able to go in the park. Someone has been stealing brass toilet valves from parks all over Honolulu. More than 100 have been stolen to date … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Continuing the project to visit a member of the 101st Fighting Keyboardists each day (a task that may never end the way that blogroll keeps growing!) I visited The Violence Worker. Quite an interesting comment there about polls … Continue reading

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We Simply Don’t Know What To Say About This

Untitled document Ok, this has got to be the crime of the century and someone has to do something about it right away. I mean drop everything else to catch this horrible thief. This could be bigger than the Brinks … Continue reading

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Their Lips Are Moving Again

Untitled document Strange silence over on the left on this report in the Washington Post. Nancy Pelosi has informed other party members that impeachment is "off the table". Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) told her caucus members during their weekly … Continue reading

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Untitled document There's a new Ewwww de perfume out there for all you true Cheeseheads. Lovingly crafted to carry the aroma of Stilton cheese. I swear I am not making this up. "Blue Stilton cheese has a very distinctive mellow … Continue reading

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Oh Great

Untitled document UN officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, have revealed that traces of highly enriched uranium were discovered in an Iranian military facility. The diplomats, who demanded anonymity in exchange for revealing the confidential information, said the findings were … Continue reading

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Bush To Address Nation On Immigration

Untitled document Well, this should be interesting. Fox News is reporting that Bush will give an address tonight Monday night on the immigration issue. There is no word yet on content, and I'm guessing there will not be any forewarning … Continue reading

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Sometimes We Wonder

Untitled document If columnists and editorial writers are reading Blue Crab Boulevard for inspiration. In the Examiner today, there is an editorial that sounds an awful lot like what we have been saying around here for a long, long time. … Continue reading

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What We Really Should Be Worried About

Untitled document How about rigged voting machines? Some folks on the left have been screaming about stolen elections for quite some time. Shouldn't this absolutely terrify you? Some one the right have been afraid of dirty poll tricks as well. … Continue reading

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VERY Interesting Poll

Untitled document The Washington Post did a fast Poll about the NSA revelations from yesterday. Public opinion is 2:1 in favor of the program. Now that's a real fast poll and it's unclear how opinion will change as the spin … Continue reading

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Campaigning In The Press

Untitled document The House members who are trying to do an end run around the constitution and pass a bill giving full voting representation in Congress are holding press conferences and declaring victory. Only it doesn't sound like they have … Continue reading

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Untitled document In a new video just released on the internet, Mohammed Hassan (who escaped US custody in Afghanistan) calls for a sea of blood to engulf Denmark, Norway and France. This follows close on the heels of this call … Continue reading

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