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Absolutely Fabulous Title

Untitled document And the article is top drawer as well. All about Fitzgerald, Wilson, Plame, Cheney and Libbey. Ladies and gentlemen, Midnight in the garden of Moe and Curley. These two paragraphs are wonderful. Outside, in the garden of Moe and Curley, … Continue reading

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Whoops – Round Two

Untitled document Verizon has issued a statement – here's the text. This is pretty straightforward. The USA Today story appears to be false. Now, the question becomes did USA Today get suckered into reporting a political hit piece out of … Continue reading

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Are You Kidding Me?

Untitled document The Mexican Government will sue us if we use any troops to apprehend their illegal immigrants? Are these people completely out of their minds? Mexico said Tuesday that it would file lawsuits in U.S. courts if National Guard … Continue reading

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Colorado Governor Calls For Ward Churchill To Resign

Untitled document Ward Churchill has been found to have committed plagiarism, fabrication and falsification of material and was disrespectful of American Indian traditions in his writings by a review panel at Colorado University. Apparently all five members found these allegations to be … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Continuing on my project to visit one member of the Fighting 101st each day, today I found myself at the Anti-Strib. Tracy has a helpful rewrite of the Bush speech. (That's also where I got the link to … Continue reading

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Life Is SO Unfair

Untitled document Never, not once did I ever have a high school teacher that looked like this. It would have made high school much more fun. Tweet

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Speaker Pelosi

Untitled document The headline from an article in The Hill today states: GOP hopes ‘Speaker Pelosi’ will scare voters this fall. It goes on to detail the various strategies being use by politicians of both parties regarding the upcoming elections. … Continue reading

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Welcome To Cyprus

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard have remarked several times about the fact that Cyprus seems to have more than it's share of odd news. We're not sure what causes that to be the case. Perhaps it's the … Continue reading

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Untitled document It looks like the Dutch are succeeding in silencing Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She appears to be planning to step down from her seat in Parliament and will hasten her departure for the United States. One hopes she does … Continue reading

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Step Right Up!

Untitled document Ok, this must be weird news day here at Blue Crab Boulevard. I have no other way to explain this item: US researchers patent cannonball device for rescue services Apparently DARPA has patented a device to shoot emergency … Continue reading

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Bill Frist Gets An Earful

Untitled document There's a lot of discontent on the President's speech last night. Bill Frist has a post up at Volpac – and he's getting pasted in the comments section. I may have underestimated how badly the right was going … Continue reading

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If It Doesn’t Get Traction The First Time

Untitled document Repeat it over and over again until the meme catches hold. Similar to how Dana Priest got her Pulitzer, by repeating a rewritten story from 2003, Texas Rainmaker points to an astonishing trail of articles by Will Lester … Continue reading

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Sometimes There Is Nothing To Say

Untitled document Every once in a while an article appears which is impossible to comment on. This would be one of those: Pink Taco Restaurant Name Causes Stir Tweet

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Untitled document BellSouth denies it has ever given any information to the NSA, directly contradicting the USA Today report from last week. A report Thursday by USA Today identified BellSouth Corp., along with AT&T Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc., as … Continue reading

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And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Crisis

Untitled document Henry Kissinger has an opinion piece in today's Washington Post that attempts to give some good advice on the issue of nuclear proliferation. The world is faced with the nightmarish prospect that nuclear weapons will become a standard … Continue reading

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