If It Doesn’t Get Traction The First Time

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Repeat it over and over again until the meme catches hold. Similar to how Dana Priest got her Pulitzer, by repeating a rewritten story from 2003, Texas Rainmaker points to an astonishing trail of articles by Will Lester of the Associated Press.

Lester is asserting (over and over again) that cell phone only households are skewing polls. Now, while I have a significant amount of training and experience in both statistics and design of experiments, I am no pollster. Nor do I really want to be. But this meme is particularly designed to advance a leftist agenda. As if polling were not already heavily skewed left (as I have pointed out over and over). Lester wants to justify skewing still further left.

I'm throwing the flag on Lester. Go take a look at the trail of articles at Texas Rainmaker.

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2 Responses to If It Doesn’t Get Traction The First Time

  1. I’ve relied on just my cell phones for years, greatly skewing the polls against Libertarians.

  2. Gaius says:

    What do you, as a journalist, think of this kind of trying to rewrite the story repeatedly to try and get some traction with it?

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