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One Word

Untitled document Lame. Is issuing a "partial apology" anything like being sort of pregnant? Is adopting a "wait and see" attitude anything like hoping like hell everyone will forget you did this but also leaving a door open so that if … Continue reading

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Lamont Forces Primary

Untitled document Well, Joe Lieberman's challenger Marcos Lamont – oh, I guess it's Ned Lamont, sorry – received about 1/3 of the delegate votes at the Connecticut Democratic party convention, and so forces a primary. While others among the left … Continue reading

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Totten Crosses The Green Line

Untitled document Michael Totten, who I have linked a number of times, has an absolutely fascinating article posted about crossing into the Palestinian territory. This is a must read. It's not quite what you think it is from all the … Continue reading

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Payback Time

Untitled document Blackfive says it time for a little payback. I covered the eviction of Fran O'Brien's from the Capitol Hilton pretty thoroughly. The Hilton won the battle. Now maybe it's time to show them they lost the war. Say … Continue reading

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This Is Neat!

Untitled document The American Chestnut tree used to make up almost 25% of all forests in the eastern part of the United States. They were magnificent shade trees with a wide canopy and they produced what were reported to be very tasty … Continue reading

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Oh Drat! Another One Bites The Dust

Untitled document What's a poor, agitated lefty to do? Yet another "shocking big story" that will "bring the president down" has turned out to be – well – crap. BellSouth is demanding that USA Today retract the story from last week … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Continuing my project to visit a member of the Fighting 101st every day, today I took a trip over to visit the Musings of a Real Texas Cowgirl. She has the scoop on the newest secret weapon soon … Continue reading

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Pelosi And Murtha Discuss Strategy

Untitled document Nancy Pelosi and John Murtha had a strategy meeting the other day, our super-secret agent photographer from Magic 8-Ball Photography and Sideshow, Inc. had the good fortune to be hiding in a dumpster nearby and was able to … Continue reading

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I Predict Bloodshed

Untitled document Christie's, the world famous auction house will be holding a Star Trek "garage sale" this fall. Props and all sorts of other memorabilia from all of the various Star Trek television series and movies that have aired over … Continue reading

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You Couldn’t Get Me That Drunk

Untitled document A Canton, New York man was arrested for breaking in to a business and taking a little nap. Apparently, he was quite intoxicated at the time, so he took it into his head to break in and get … Continue reading

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Wow, I Thought I Had Bad Neighbors

Untitled document No, not now, I kind of like the ones I have now. In the past, though, I have had various neighbors who, if not exactly from Hell, were at least from somewhere near the nether regions. But this … Continue reading

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Hoffa Hunt, Day Two

Untitled document Well, I suspect it's more than day two, but I only mentioned it yesterday. Anyway, if you're interested here's coverage from the Detroit News. It is much, much more thorough than the national news on this event. John … Continue reading

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Wake Up, Folks

Untitled document IMPORTANT UPDATE: Hot Air is reporting that the original story linked to below appears to be false. The original has been pulled and replaced. I will update again if any more detail or confirmation turns up. At this … Continue reading

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I Think This Is More Revealing Than They Planned

Untitled document If you read this New York Times article on the first day of confirmation hearings for General Michael Hayden, one fact jumps out at me. Many US Senators are very whiny people. I mean, this kind of juvenile … Continue reading

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Iraq Exposed

Untitled document This is an absolute must read about Iraq that you will likely see absolutely no mention of in the MSM. Amir Taheri went to Iraq and describes what he found there. It would be hard indeed for the … Continue reading

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