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About Propaganda

Untitled document One tried and true method of spreading propaganda is to take some small piece of a quote from an enemy and publish it – completely out of it's original context – to "prove" a point the propagandist wants … Continue reading

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Simple Question(s)

Untitled document First, if it is a brave and gutsy move for a woman to show her breasts online, would it be equally as brave and gutsy for a man to show, say, his butt? That's actually not a snarky … Continue reading

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On Tigers

Untitled document I'm going to paraphrase an example here that I used in comments on the Colbert affair. If you were to meet a tiger in the open and you poked a stick at it, some might put aside your obvious lack … Continue reading

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I Think Maybe Some Adjustment Is In Order

Untitled document Of his medications. Jerome Corsi, writing in Human Events, charges that the Bush administration is planning to dissolve the United States into a "North American union". One of the things Corsi charges is that Bush is secretly seeking … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Once again, I journeyed to another member of the 101st Fighting Keyboardists in my quest to visit each member. I found my way over to Right Wing Nation and found he's decamped on a road trip to Hershey, … Continue reading

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If You Dig Just A Little

Untitled document Here's a story from AFP: The car used in the Harry Potter films, a 1962 Ford Anglia with no engine, has been recovered. The pale blue 1962 Ford Anglia, driven through the air by the boy wizard and … Continue reading

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More About Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Untitled document Bruce Bawer in the Christian Science Monitor. If there's anything in Europe today that's more alarming than the number of European Muslims who hold radically undemocratic views (40 percent of British Muslims would like to see Britain under … Continue reading

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Here’s Your Big Chance!

Untitled document To own your very own fort! That's right, shoppers, an honest to goodness Civil War era fort right on the border between New York State and Quebec, Canada. Fort Montgomery, built in 1844, sits on an island in … Continue reading

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Today Is Armed Forces Day

Untitled document Today is Armed Forces Day.  If you chance to meet any member of our armed forces today, be sure to shake their hands and thank them. Tweet

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A Good Sign

Untitled document Good news from Iraq as a new cabinet is finally sworn in. Although two important posts remain to be filled, it is a really positive development that the deadlocks have been broken. Iraq's parliament swore in its full-term … Continue reading

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United 93

Untitled document Just a quick update. Box Office Mojo reports that as of May 18th, United 93 grossed just under $27 million dollars so far. The production budget for the movie was $15 million. None of the other top five … Continue reading

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WaPo On Elections

Untitled document Today's Washington Post has an article with a headline stating that a growing number of Republican seats are in doubt in this election. They focus on one district in particular, that of Representative Thelma D. Drake (R-Va.). Drake, … Continue reading

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Untitled document Victor Davis Hanson has a powerful essay on combating the enormous amount of anti-Americanism in the world today. He makes a number of excellent points. We are accused of unilateral and preemptory(sic) bullying of the madman Mr. Ahmadinejad, … Continue reading

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Top Taliban Commander Captured

Untitled document The BBC is reporting that Mullah Dadullah, reputed to be one of the top Taliban military commanders in Afghanistan has been captured. Frankly, if the description of his activities is correct, this guy sounds more like a criminal … Continue reading

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Ah, Tolerance

Untitled document John McCain had a liberal dose of tolerance when he spoke at the commencement ceremony at the New School. Or is that a dose of liberal tolerance. Some people decided to heckle and one "distinguished" student speaker decided … Continue reading

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