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Yeah, This Will Be A Hit Movie

Untitled document Just guessing, but I predict this one won't exactly make Box Office Mojo burst into flames. Now, I could be wrong, after all, it just might be the right time for a gay threesome engaged in explicit sex … Continue reading

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Nope, No Double Standard Here

Untitled document Nothing to see, move along, folks. While Mexico demands a say in American immigration policy, and threatens lawsuits if we defend our borders with them, there are some odd little policies in place there. Like if you aren't … Continue reading

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Untitled document Mark Steyn has just a bit to say about the almost  surreal debate going on in the US Senate right now about illegal immigration. It's pretty brutal. Are we heading down the identical path that Europe has traveled? … Continue reading

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Just A Picture

Untitled document My youngest daughter wanted to do something special to mark the occasion of her cousin graduating from West Point. So she got a special hairdo just for him It didn't quite come out the red, white and blue … Continue reading

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Read This

Untitled document All bad in the world? Everything down the tubes? Economy sucks? Gas prices too high? Genocide and war everywhere? It's all going to hell in a handbasket? Bull. Read Barone. Maybe it's not as bleak as you think. … Continue reading

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Providing Cruelty For Fun And Profit

Untitled document If you don't read Done with Mirrors, or don't read it very often, you are missing some great stuff. I go over there less often than I would like, but try to read it at least a couple … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Continuing on in my project to visit one member of the 101st each day, today I went to The Bookworm Room and found a really good description of how not to modify behaviors. You really should look at this … Continue reading

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Gas About Gas

Untitled document One of the things that people who have been around for a while should remember is all the times before when the high gasoline prices have become a major issue. Which would be during an election year. Last … Continue reading

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The Be Careful What You Wish For Department

Untitled document I suspect there was an awful lot being said to the media today by the Attorney General. In an interview on ABC's This Week, Alberto Gonzales very carefully let out that reporters could very well be prosecuted for printing … Continue reading

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This Is Rather Funny

Untitled document It seems that despite the many factions, ethnic groups, tribes and religious sects that make up the population of Iraq, there is one major thing they can all agree on. Lionel Ritchie. They love the guy. Mr. 80's … Continue reading

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This Is Not A Good Thing

Untitled document The Saudi Arabian government keeps telling the West that it has been cleaning up it's school textbooks to get rid of offensive and harmful ideas like promoting violence against non-Muslims and preaching for repression of other religions by … Continue reading

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The Never Ending Cycle Of Revenge

Untitled document You do something to someone. They have to get revenge. Then you go after them again, to pay back the payback. And the cycle repeats until the original offense if long forgotten. A description of Palestinian/Israeli relations? Well, yes, … Continue reading

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Something To Chew On

Untitled document Well, this guy is a real genius. While waiting at the police station for his friend to be processed on a drunk driving arrest, a Rotterdam, New York man decided he wanted a piece of gum. So he … Continue reading

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Untitled document The Times of London reports on the freeing of 20 young Pakistani Christian boys who had been kidnapped to be sold into slavery by a Muslim man connected to an al Qaeda front organization. The Sunday Times has … Continue reading

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Twisting What Was Said

Untitled document I had a commenter ask me about a report in the Washington Post about statements made by Duncan Hunter, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. Specifically: Forthcoming military investigations into alleged war crimes in Iraq will show that a … Continue reading

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