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Untitled document I was standing out on the back deck a few minutes ago, watching the storms that are heading this way. The weathermen have been predicting powerful storms since early this morning. It looks like they are finally here … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Today, as I continue on my mission to visit each member of the fighting 101st at a one-per-day rate, I went over to Brutally Honest. Where I found a bedtime story that won't exactly make me sleep better. … Continue reading

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Definition Of Insanity

Untitled document Doing the same things over and over and expecting the result to be different: John Kerry, 2006: Kerry's call for a near-withdrawal of US troops from Iraq by year's end has made headlines. Less noticed is that his … Continue reading

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Just One Problem

Untitled document Who? Connecticut Senator Christopher Dodd has announced an intention to explore running for the position of President of the United States. He is highly regarded among his Senate colleagues as a skilled backroom negotiator who has won passage … Continue reading

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McCain Denies Running While Running

Untitled document One thing you can count on is that would-be presidential contenders will never admit they are actually presidential contenders. Especially when they are out campaigning for the nomination. John McCain gave a warm-up in New Hampshire (where it … Continue reading

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Update On Stolen VA Data

Untitled document Please pass the word to any veterans you know. Please pass the word to anyone who is active in the military as well, since it is not really clear who's data has been compromised at this point. The … Continue reading

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Economics 101

Untitled document Any business that deliberately offends 50% of it's potential customers is going to be in serious trouble very quickly. Even if the business can survive with half the potential business it could have, there is a point beyond … Continue reading

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Bear Naked

Untitled document From Florida Cracker we now have the ultimate bear trifecta for today! Do not have liquid in your mouth. Monitors cost money. Don't say we didn't warn ya. Tweet

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A Threat To Us All

Untitled document Writing in the Pasadena Star-News, Mort Kondracke has an op-ed piece that hits the nail on the head (and is in line with what I have been saying all along). This irrational, hate-driven drive to get Bush, no … Continue reading

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Well, It’s Different

Untitled document The oldest man to ever climb mount Everest marked the occasion by leaving a photograph of his dog at the summit of the world's tallest peak. Takao Arayama, aged 70 years and 225 days when he topped the … Continue reading

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Big Fish

Untitled document The Israelis have captured a very big fish. The commander of the Ramallah area Hamas military wing, Sheikh Ibrahim Hamed, was captured in Ramallah today. The force surrounded the house in which Hamed was staying, but Hamed refused … Continue reading

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I Can’t Wait To See The Instant Karma For This One

Untitled document Thieves made off with the statue that has become the symbol for the Sakura restaurant in Stuart, Florida. The owner believes the 600 pound gold painted statue has brought the restaurant luck over the years as well as becoming … Continue reading

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On Slime And Gullibility

Untitled document Brad over at Just Citizens names Jess(i)e MacBeth Nimrod of the Week. Boy, is he kind. Today, the Army ran a check on Mr. MacBeth’s credentials. It turns out, not surprisingly to anybody with half a mind, that … Continue reading

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Not A Great National Record To Hold

Untitled document A Lithuanian man appears to have  earned an unofficial national record of somewhat dubious distinction. When stopped by police, the 41-year old truck driver had a blood alcohol level 18 times higher than the legal limit. It was … Continue reading

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Evil Genius?

Untitled document Craig Whitlock, in today's Washington Post has a disturbing biography of Mustafa Setmariam Nasar, an influential al Qaeda strategist captured in Pakistan last year. What emerges is a portrait of a very, very harsh and unyielding foe of … Continue reading

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