McCain Denies Running While Running

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One thing you can count on is that would-be presidential contenders will never admit they are actually presidential contenders. Especially when they are out campaigning for the nomination. John McCain gave a warm-up in New Hampshire (where it just so happens I am a land baron, owning something like 1/45th of a 40 acre parcel of land (which actually surveys out as somewhat less than that – that's a really long story).

I'm not a fan of McCain, as anybody who's been reading here for any length of time knows. But the headline of this article is something I happen to believe in. We need more nuclear energy in this country.

I worked in that field for many years. I know how safe those plants are. I know that despite what the media and the activists tell you that Three Mile Island was not a disaster, but rather a testimony that reactors are incredibly safe with incredibly overbuilt safety systems. Despite the operations crew at TMI doing literally almost every, single thing wrong still were not able to breach the vessel, much less the containment. (There is a fabulous engineering autopsy of the event which I have read, but I cannot find online. I am still looking and will update if it is available). BTW, the reactor layout diagram in the linked article is, I believe wrong. The Babcock and Wilcox reactor design had a major flaw in that the pressurizer was physically at a lower level that the reactor core. It has since been redesigned.

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  1. Jim O'Hara says:

    A few weeks back the founder of Greenpeace had an op ed piece in the WaPo admitting that he was completely wrong about his anti-nuclear stance. I was impressed he had the moral fiber to admit his mistake.

    The 30+ year old reactor designs were amazingly well thought-out (as you point out), but compared to the newer designs they are antiques. We have pebble bed reactors that are inherently super-safe. But even more exciting is the newer class of reactors that the Chinese will probably build that produce energy on a scale never before seen. They work on a similar concept to an internal combustion engine, but instead of a gas/spark, a small nuclear explosion occurs and drives a massive piston up and down. The power effective power output is so high that five of these reactors could generate enough electricity to light up the entire US. Use the power from these stations to separate hydrogen atoms from oxygen (water), and you have a way to offer cheap alternate energy source for cars.

    Sadly the oil lobbyists would find a way to kill any efforts to ease our dependence on oil.


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