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Pardon Me, Your Freudian Slip Is Showing

Untitled document Dr. Sanity happened to comment on the same article I did. She has a take that is worthy of repeating. Commenting both on CNN's completely false translation of the Iraqi Minister's remarks and the  (since corrected, isn't that … Continue reading

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About Rights

Untitled document I have said from the start of the news about Haditha that Murtha was wrong – very wrong – to have screamed out the pronouncement that Marines in Haditha were "cold blooded killers". I will maintain that position until the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday

Untitled document Powerline is four years old this weekend. I think that's seventy centuries in blog years. Congratulations! Tweet

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Big Maddy, Meet Big Patty

Untitled document Oh yeah? I'll see your 400 pounds and raise you another 1600! Take that, Maddy! Tweet

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Grandparents Gone Wild!

Untitled document A gynecologist at The Villages community near Orlando, Fla., said she treats more cases of herpes and the human papilloma virus in the retirement community than she did in the city of Miami. Presented with no further comment … Continue reading

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Ethnic Unrest In Iran

Untitled document It appears that ethnic and civil unrest continue to expand in Iran. Gateway Pundit has an incredible roundup, I won't even try to reproduce it here. The sheer extent of the trouble says that Iran is in serious … Continue reading

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Aw, Heck

Untitled document I had no idea the President was going to give the commencement address at West Point. My wife and two youngest children got to see him. Because of my nephew's class rank, he received his bars diploma from President … Continue reading

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Omar Busts CNN

Untitled document Omar at Iraq The Model has flat out busted CNN making a completely false statement: Yesterday Iraq's and Iran's foreign ministers had a joint press conference in Baghdad after which the CNN ran a headline that reads "Iraqi … Continue reading

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The Magic Hat Returns

Untitled document Oh for heaven's sake. John Kerry is "reluctantly" participating in an effort to discredit the Swift Boat Veteran's group. By giving a two-hour interview to the New York Times. He moves on to the photographs: his boat leaving … Continue reading

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Organized Campaign?

Untitled document Maybe it's just my suspicious nature, but I am beginning to see indications that there is an organized campaign to try to discredit the American soldiers going on. Timing is just too convenient for all these various elements … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Today my self-assigned task of visiting one member of the Fighting 101st each day takes me to Screw Loose Change. The site is dedicated to debunking the conspiracy theorists wet dream Loose Change. They make mincemeat out the … Continue reading

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Congressional Privilege? Or Something Else?

Untitled document There are reports out that the three top officials at the Justice Department were ready to resign if President Bush ordered the return of documents taken from Representative Jefferson's office by the FBI. One problem with stories like … Continue reading

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There’s Not Enough To Worry About In The World

Untitled document So let's make up something. With 06/06/06 looming (June 6, 2006), authorities in some cities are worrying prophecy theorists or hate groups might read something ominous into the date and use it as an excuse to stir tension. … Continue reading

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All Over Again

Untitled document Sweetness and Light has some pictures of the new use of the old Vietnam era tactics. Everything old is new again. I think they are wearing the same clothes, in fact. Good idea, support terror. H/T to my … Continue reading

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The Hall Of Shame

Untitled document This an amusing read if you're a bit of a geek. It's PC World's all time top 25 worst tech products. Or should that be bottom 25? Anyway, it's quite amusing to read about some of these products … Continue reading

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