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What A Great Idea!

Untitled document Let's kill jobs, stifle businesses from wanting to build in our community but ensure high wages for the one or two people left with jobs! Then we can all pat ourselves on the back and keep collecting our … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Untitled document So, the wife and kids are away to attend my nephew's graduation from West Point. All I have to do around here is to feed the various pets. I was invited over to my future daughter-in-law's parent's house for … Continue reading

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Update On My Nephew

Untitled document A commenter asked whether I knew what branch of the Army my nephew was going into. I did not, but promised to post when I did. I spoke on the phone to the new lieutenant, he informed me … Continue reading

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Untitled document Frankly, this is an unfortunate choice of words. Las Vegas, as the ad campaign likes to remind us, is a place people go to untether themselves from reality — to become, if only for a weekend, anonymous and … Continue reading

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Iran Heating Up

Untitled document Gateway Pundit has another link-filled post up about what is going on inside Iran right now. It's looking more and more like things are going to bust loose over there. Here's a thought. If the Iranian loser nutcase … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Today my labor of trying to visit one member of the Fighting 101st each day brought me to a blog which has been kind enough to link me several times. Alexandra at All Things Beautiful has an enormous … Continue reading

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Untitled document Mark Steyn isn't exactly thrilled with Congress as a group right now. Rightly so, I suspect. Of all the many marvelous Ronald Reagan lines, this is my favorite: ''We are a nation that has a government — not … Continue reading

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Some Good Advice

Untitled document In today's Opinion Journal, Robert Turner has some excellent advice for Congress: "There is an election coming up in five months, and legislators who wish to survive it might wish to step back and permit the FBI to … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Weekend

Untitled document In a small town in the Midwest. Flags Civil War Monument Tweet

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BBC Caught Fabricating A Story

Untitled document Marc over at USS Neverdock has caught the BBC in an outright fabrication. He's got the numbers and the citations to prove it. Now for the bombshell. Remember all those numbers and dates from the first BBC report? … Continue reading

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Do You Smoke After Sex?

Untitled document I don't know, I never looked. That's a really, really old joke, but makes a good lead-in to this article. Brothel owners in Australia are petitioning for an exemption from an indoor smoking ban – in the interest of safety, … Continue reading

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Java Earthquake Update

Untitled document The death toll from the earthquake in Java yesterday has risen to over 4,000. It is still feared that there may be an eruption from Mount Merapi. For those who are  not aware, this is the same area … Continue reading

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Why Is There Wai?

Untitled document Agam finally put up a picture and a post explaining the why's and wherefore's of Wai's. Essentially, it's the Thai equivalent of a hat tip. Except you don't need a hat. Agam and I have been exchanging emails … Continue reading

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Sure, Al

Untitled document Al Gore tells the New York Times he's all over politics now and doesn't want to run for President again. "Why should I run for office?" Mr. Gore asked, the impatience evident in his voice. "I have no … Continue reading

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Australia Sends Troops To East Timor

Untitled document In hopes of quelling unrest in East Timor, the Australian government has begun sending troops into the tiny country. The UN, meanwhile, is fleeing. The unrest appears to be between people from the eastern part of the country … Continue reading

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