Hamas Militia Back On The Streets

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After a one day withdrawal, the Hamas militia has again taken to the streets in the Palestinian territories. There have been no reports of violence at this time. Hamas has rejected the deadline from President Mahmoud Abbas to accept a referendum on the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Abbas announced Thursday that he was giving Hamas 10 days to accept a proposal calling for a Palestinian state alongside Israel. Otherwise, he said, he will call a national referendum on the plan, which is expected to pass.

Hamas leaders are divided over the proposal, which was drawn up by senior Fatah and Hamas militants who are imprisoned by Israel. Prisoners held by Israel hold great weight in Palestinian society.

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said the group was not bound by the 10-day deadline. Abbas has given no indication that he would be flexible on the deadline.

That's in interesting detail. The plan for the referendum was drawn up by Hamas and Fatah people held in Israeli jails.

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