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On The Counting Of Chickens

Untitled document There is an old rule of thumb in engineering that goes like this: on any given project, 90% of the project is completed with 10% of the work. The other 10% to complete the project takes the other … Continue reading

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Perfection At The Cost Of Humanity?

Untitled document The Daily Mail has a disturbing – no, that's wrong – appalling story that a fairly large number of late term abortions have been performed because the fetus had what are considered very minor, fully treatable birth defects. … Continue reading

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Good Taste, Yes. Good Sense, Not So Much

Untitled document Weirdly related to the last post comes this bit of unusual news from Britain. While exhibiting a rare outbreak of good taste by banning singer James Blunt, in another part of England people showed a remarkable lack of, … Continue reading

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Good Taste Breaks Out In Britain!

Untitled document In an unusual move, a radio station in southern England has banned the playing of British singer James Blunt due to complaints from listeners. Listeners said they were quite fed up with listening to songs like "You're Beautiful". … Continue reading

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Minute Of Silence

Untitled document Today at 3pm in observance of Memorial Day. I was clued in to this by Michelle Malkin who has a good roundup of Memorial Day post from around the blogosphere. Tweet

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document My mission to visit one member of the Fighting 101st each day continues today over at Dr. Sanity. Pat has an outstanding essay about moral paralysis that is well worth the read. Her two-part essay on the political paranoia … Continue reading

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Hitchens On Memorial Day

Untitled document Christopher Hitchens has an essay about Memorial Day up over at the Opinion Journal. It reminds us of what the day means. Since all efforts at commemoration are bound to fall short, one must be on guard against … Continue reading

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Iranian Revolution?

Untitled document I linked to Gateway Pundit's roundup of Iranian unrest earlier. Now Pajamas Media has even more links and news from all over on the situation. Things are looking very unstable at the moment over there. Why is our … Continue reading

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Wishful Thinking

Untitled document The New York Times reports that some unnamed European Diplomats are seeing a slowdown in the Iranian nuclear enrichment program. These sources are interpreting that to mean Iran really wants to negotiate. The diplomats say the slowdown may … Continue reading

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A Crisis Of Expectations

Untitled document Owen West, Iraq war veteran,  major in the Marine Reserves and founder of Vets for Freedom, writes an op-ed in today's New York Times that is really a must read. We are at the outset of a long war, … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

Untitled document Too often these days we all take some things for granted. Too often these days holidays have just become a day off with no real thought given to the day itself and what it means. It's important to … Continue reading

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AP Notices Alaa

Untitled document The Associated Press has noticed and written about the plight of imprisoned Egyptian blogger Alaa Abd El-Fatah. Even though they are quite late to the party, it is a very welcome bit of news. The article is quite … Continue reading

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Untitled document Would it be better for the Democrats to actually have to take ownership and responsibility for American foreign policy? Robert Kagan, writing in the Washington Post believes it would be. Having been too long in opposition, the Democrats … Continue reading

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Non-Nuclear Ballistic Missile Warheads?

Untitled document The New York Times reports that the Pentagon is seeking funding to develop a non-nuclear warhead to be fitted onto a Trident II missile. Planners believe this will give an additional means of addressing a threat without resorting … Continue reading

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Frist Comes Down On The Right Side

Untitled document Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist came down on the right side of the issue over whether the FBI's search of Representative Jefferson's offices were constitutional. They were. In a break with his counterparts in the House, the Senate's … Continue reading

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