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The Tipper Of The Iceberg

Untitled document It seems Al Gore gave an interview to the Guardian over in Britain where he's come out with the harshest criticism yet against President Bush. In it he attacked the right wing extremism Bush has brought in: Denying … Continue reading

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The Greenpeace Syndrome

Untitled document Coming to a theater near you, the blockbuster, must-see movie of the summer! Starring Jack Lemonhead and Hanoi Jane Hiltonhead, this thriller will have you on the edge of your seat! Greenpeace, those wacky, fun-loving folks, went to … Continue reading

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All The News That’s Fit To Skew

Untitled document USA Today has an "analysis" of polls on illegal immigration. I was going to spend some time disassembling it, but it turns out Dan Riehl at Riehl World View already did. So go over and read his dissection. … Continue reading

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This Isn’t Good

Untitled document German authorities have detained three women on suspicion that they were trying to go to Iraq to become suicide bombers. SPIEGEL ONLINE has learned that German intelligence agencies have prevented three German women from travelling to Iraq in recent … Continue reading

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Contracts Written In Blood!

Untitled document No, we mean literally written in blood. A contract dispute is in court in California right now in which the plaintiff's lawyer believes extra weight should be given to the unusual contract because it is written in the defendant's … Continue reading

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Unusual Litter Problem

Untitled document Police in Torrington, Connecticut would like to speak with whoever is leaving the unusual litter lying about town. They aren't exactly saying it's illegal or anything, but they sure want to talk to the person or persons leaving … Continue reading

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Just Call Him Bob

Untitled document A Malaysian man was accused of having an affair after his wife found a text message on his cell phone from another woman. The man took great offense to this accusation and promptly thought of a way to prove … Continue reading

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UPDATE On Norton Antivirus Problem

Untitled document A new patch has been released to fix a fatal flaw in Norton Anti-virus. It is available using Norton LiveUpdate, so you might want to run it if you use Norton. The earlier post is here. (I still … Continue reading

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Stopping The Spread Of A Destructive Insect

Untitled document The Emerald Ash Borer is a tiny, bright green beetle native to Asia. It is causing widespread damage in several areas of the United States. A number of states have imposed tough rules or outright bans on bringing … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Continuing my task of trying to visit one member of the Fighting 101st each day, today I visited And Rightly So. Raven has an example of why pedophiles are such a danger to society. She's not too happy … Continue reading

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An Unfortunate Nickname

Untitled document It seems the people who live in the capitol city of Kazakhstan, Astana, have a habit of giving buildings nicknames. Since the capitol was moved there in 1997, many new buildings have been erected using large amounts of … Continue reading

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We Need THIS Kind Of Stuff In Our Congress

Untitled document It would turn C-Span into the number one network in America overnight! In a totally novel new debating technique, a Taiwanese legislator signified her opposition to a bill being offered for consideration. By eating the written proposal. Lawmakers … Continue reading

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Another Sign

Untitled document Of the impending implosion of Europe. Dutch pedophiles are forming their very own political party. They want the age of consent, currently at 16 years, lowered to 12. They also want child porn legalized as well as approval for … Continue reading

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This One Will Get Some People Spun Up

Untitled document Well-Intentioned Food Police May Create Havoc With Children's Diets, writes Harriet Brown in today's New York Times. It's about sending the wrong messages by forcing a "bad food-good food" narrative. It's also about raging nanny-statism and the paving … Continue reading

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We’ve Got Hate Mail!

Untitled document Gee, you really know you've arrived when the emails start rolling in. From deities, no less! Bob over at Confederate Yankee actually took the time to respond (he was also one of the addressees), so head on over … Continue reading

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