Michael Moore Gets Sued

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Well, this may change at least a few minds about the veracity of Michael Moore's films. There is something really slimy about treating a wounded soldier like this. I rather hope we all get to see Mr. Moore trying to defend himself in court.

A double-amputee Iraq-war vet is suing Michael Moore for $85 million, claiming the portly peacenik recycled an old interview and used it out of context to make him appear anti-war in "Fahrenheit 9/11."

Sgt. Peter Damon, 33, who strongly supports America's invasion of Iraq, said he never agreed to be in the 2004 movie, which trashes President Bush.

In the 2003 interview, which he did at Walter Reed Army Hospital for NBC News, he discussed only a new painkiller the military was using on wounded vets.

"They took the clip because it was a gut-wrenching scene," Damon said yesterday. "They sandwiched it in. [Moore] was using me as ammunition."

Damon seems to "voice complaint about the war effort" in the movie, according to the lawsuit.

Of course, Moore took the entire interview out of context and twisted it into something else. Which is becoming a favored technique of the left.

UPDATE: It's probably a good time to link back to this post, too. Because it's funny.

UPDATE: AP has picked up the story. I'm kind of surprised.

UPDATE: Thanks to Dean Esmay for the link.

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4 Responses to Michael Moore Gets Sued

  1. beth says:

    Oh this is fabulous – I’m going to post it and link back here! I hope the guy gets all $85 mil from the porker AND the jury adds pain/suffering and anything else they can lump in!!!

    hmmmm….. wonder why this isn’t on the news???? LOLOL

  2. Gaius says:

    Oh – couldn’t have that. One of the media darlings getting his butt trashed in a lawsuit…. Just wouldn’t do, don’t ya know.

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