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Wow – The Ace Is Out Of The Park

Untitled document I think this is probably the best analysis of the difference between left and right that I have ever read. The Ace nailed this one, cold. The left, to a man, considers itself to be educated and enlightened. … Continue reading

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Missed Opportunity

Untitled document President Bush is asking for a compromise on immigration. Honestly, I suspect Bush missed the opportunity here. Had he supported border security first, most  of the rest of this could have been settled. Now, there are politicians reading … Continue reading

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Will The Left Continue To Ignore This?

Untitled document In the rush to judge everything America does as wrong, I see an article like this and wonder – yet again – how the left can remain silent to this. The Palestinians decided to test Israeli defenses at … Continue reading

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More Riots In Paris

Untitled document Just another couple of days in Parisadise it seems. Rioting unemployed youths rampaging through the streets of one of the suburbs, yet again. PARIS, May 31 — Small gangs of youths pelted riot police with rocks and set … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Today my ongoing mission to visit one member of the fighting 101st each day led me over to Ace In The Hole, a blog from Texas. Texas Fred is a little bit annoyed at an immigrant rights group … Continue reading

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More Nonsense

Untitled document Carrying on with more conspiracy theories, Robert Kennedy, Jr. assures us that the election of 2004 was so stolen. Not proof, but lots of "troubling" factoids. Trying to refight the last election is a particularly useless exercise, but … Continue reading

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Bruce Kesler On Media

Untitled document Bruce Kesler over at Democracy project has a post up about the basic rules of reporting. It also discusses professionalism and where you can and cannot see it at the moment. Go read the whole thing. Tweet

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Beyond The Pale

Untitled document The New York State Comptroller is apologizing for making a remark about "putting a bullet between the President's eyes". NEW YORK — State Comptroller Alan Hevesi publicly apologized Thursday for a "beyond dumb" remark about "putting a bullet … Continue reading

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Heed This Warning

Untitled document There are a lot of people out there who really don't understand computers and how they work. So, it's fairly common for folks to take a computer in to someone to have a problem taken care of, or … Continue reading

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It Will Never Work

Untitled document British scientists have announced a new method to generate hydrogen to power fuel cells. Using only all natural ingredients, too! They fed a dilute mixture of waste caramel and nougat to Escherichia coli bacteria, which then began producing … Continue reading

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Ledeen On Iran

Untitled document Michael Ledeen has a few words about Iran that are less than hopeful. He concludes that you cannot negotiate with these people. The Mahmoud Ahmadinejad interview in Der Spiegel has its moments, to be sure, but overall it’s … Continue reading

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Two Words For Comment Spammers

Untitled document Die. Now. Tweet

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Beyond Inept

Untitled document Well, it would seem to be an astonishingly bad career choice for this man. One generally has some idea of how to do a simple task before undertaking it. Or at least have some native skills or intelligence … Continue reading

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Relaxing In The Tropical Breeze

Untitled document Up at the North Pole. The first detailed analysis of an extraordinary climatic and biological record from the seabed near the North Pole shows that 55 million years ago the Arctic Ocean was much warmer than scientists imagined … Continue reading

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The Silence

Untitled document One of the subjects I have come back to over and over since starting this blog is Iran. I have pointed out repeatedly that people have got to start paying attention to this or the whole world will … Continue reading

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