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At Times Like This I fear For Our Civilization

Untitled document This story is sickening. Grandma and Grandpa decided they really, really didn't like their son being tried for raping a child or two. So they tried to hire a hit man to do away with the witnesses. Their … Continue reading

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101st Blog Of The Day

Untitled document Today my self imposed mission to visit one member of the fighting 101st each day led me over to Webloggin, which is actually a group effort with several bloggers. They have a number of interesting posts up today … Continue reading

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Let Me Ask An Obvious Question

Untitled document What price will this reporter pay if harm comes to these three women because of the story he wrote? What conceivable possible "right to know" did the world have to this information? This is the operative line in … Continue reading

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Snake On A Plane

Untitled document No, not the much ballyhooed movie they are releasing this summer. This is for real. Well, at least the article says it is. CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Monty Coles was 3,000 feet in the air when he discovered a stowaway peeking … Continue reading

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Opus Dei

Untitled document Quite an interesting essay from Paul Fortunato, an English professor and member of Opus Dei in today's New York Times. He's actually glad that The Da Vinci Code came out. It gives him a chance to explain what … Continue reading

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Video Virtue

Untitled document Writing in today's Opinion Journal, Brian Anderson comes out in favor of video games. He makes a very persuasive case, too. A few weeks ago, Sony and Nintendo both revealed their newest video-game systems to great fanfare, complete … Continue reading

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Oh Good, We Didn’t Have Enough To Worry About

Untitled document Charming little essay in the New York Times today about what caused rioting in the 1870's. Apparently a good economy did it. LAST month saw one of the sharpest drops in consumer confidence since the recessions of 1979-1982. … Continue reading

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You Can’t Even Have A Good Bar Fight In Glasgow

Untitled document Well, if the Glasgow city licensing board has it's way, you won't. Because there were 59 fights in Glasgow pubs involving glass, the licensing board has decreed that all glass is banned from pubs. The pub owners are … Continue reading

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I Suspect You Won’t, Either

Untitled document "I'd rather have a smaller following of really cool people who get it, who will grow with us as we grow and are fans for life, than people that have us in their five-disc changer with Reba McEntire … Continue reading

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New Technology, Old Book

Untitled document Here's an interesting science story. New imaging techniques are helping recover additional information from the oldest known book (actually a scroll) ever found. ATHENS, Greece – The burnt remains of a 2,400-year-old scroll buried with an ancient Greek … Continue reading

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Hanson On Europe

Untitled document Victor Davis Hanson writes on Europe. The assessment is bleak. It's all about good intentions – and what those pave. But instead of utopia, unintended consequences ensued. Unemployment soared. Dismal economic growth, shrinking populations and a scarier world … Continue reading

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The Aliens Are Already Here

Untitled document But fear not, the ducks will save us all! CORDELIA, Calif. – The International Bird Rescue Research Center in Cordelia plans to raise funds with an unusual duck X-ray. The bird came in with a broken wing, but … Continue reading

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Brits Raid Suspected Bomb Factory

Untitled document British authorities conducted a raid on a home where they suspect a chemical bomb of some sort was being constructed. A man has been shot by police in an anti-terror raid in London on a suspected chemical bomb … Continue reading

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Twisting The News

Untitled document Job growth "stalls" with only 75,000 new jobs created. Only? Lowest unemployment in more than five years and it's reported as "only" 75,000 jobs. This is absolutely absurd reporting. UPDATE: Don Surber agrees and has some comparative quotes … Continue reading

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That’s A Big Hole

Untitled document Scientists have discovered an enormous crater under the ice in Antarctica. Believed to be related to the Permian-Triassic extinction event, the crater may have been formed by an object as large as 30 miles across. The crater's location, … Continue reading

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